Monday, November 22, 2010

Welcome to the Funny Farm!

Some times I feel I live in a crazy backwards world. Here is a perfect picture of what I mean. Blossom begs all day to go out. Every time we open the door, Blossom rushes out and the kitties run right in! It is a constant battle to try to keep our animals happy. The grass is greener on the other side of the door.

London wants Brigham to come in and her dad says "he is an outside dog so he isn't allowed in". London has spent hours the last few weeks laying outside spoiling him. This is a typical thing I see each time I look out. All the kitties and Brigham snuggling with London. Now that there is snow on the ground, it has gotten harder for her to spend time with him. I am on the fence. I want both worlds and want both Sean and London to be happy. Yesterday, I caved and let Brigham in for about 1/2 hour. Poor little guy was terrified to come inside. We had to drag him and coax him to come up the stairs. When he finally got in he calmed down a bit but didn't know what to do besides sit on London's lap. Every time he got near me, Blossom barked and let him know to back off, "she is mine"

He got hot, so we put him outside as we don't want him to lose his winter coat. I wish we could have both worlds. Anyone out there have a farm dog that comes in sometimes? How do you train it to not go to the bathroom in the house and does it mess up their fur coat? London wants to spend time with him and he is still a puppy, but like I said, Sean and Blossom don't want to budge on their opinion and as usual I am in the middle!

The Kitties and Brigham have a love hate relationship. They love him to sleep with but don't enjoy being mauled when he tries to play. I really mean Mauled!! I am worried he is going to kill one of them. He bites, chews, slobbers and tromps on them thinking that their desperate MEW's are indicating they like it. Right now they hide from him most of the day. This is a picture of nap time....yes, the door is awful and we are going to change it, I promise!

So back to the craziness. The dog eats the cat food and the cats prefer the dog food. They sleep in his heated dog house and he slept outside and that it has gotten colder he has moved inside and all of them sleep together. I guess I should have told him that he hates cats....but I didn't have the heart to break up their love affair.


rosecoloredglasses said...

awwww bless her looks so pathetic laying outside with the dog and kittys yet i cant blame her on your side london...i would so be fighting to have brigham inside too...haha...but i also agree he must be taught to be an outside dog...and a heated doghouse? really? how spoiled....even quentins doghouse isnt heated!lol...i love you guys! and miss you terribly :( must get together soon!!!XO

Stephanie said...

Oh man! Love that pic of London outside LOL!!
my neighbors dogs are outside all day and sleep in the mudroom downstairs at night. They seem to keep their coat and be okay... not too sure though. Brigham is stinkin' ca-ute!!!!
good luck.. we are coming to the funny farm someday soon!!!

Joanne said...

that is too cute and too sad all at the same time. I"m sure all will work out and London will be able to sleep back inside again. poor girl ;).

Randa said...

he he he I'm afraid I know nothing about outside dogs. We had a little Blossom growing up and boy was he NOT an outside dog. I remember my mom taking him for walks in the winter and coming home carrying him cause he got cold and tired of jumping the snow drifts. You really should let London sleep in the house - she can't be behaving THAT badly! =)

Susanne White said...

The dog will be fine outside. But you are right, he needs to hae some lovin - make sure someone actually walks with him morning and evening - even just 5 minutes and then some fetch or petting. He'll get used to you and he will adapt well to family life. If he gets along that well with the kittens then all is good - they'll show him where to go, who to trust etc.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwhhh I understand how London feels. I hated to have a dog outside especially in the winter.
Our German Shepherd had a insulated dog house which was cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Occassionally when it was really cold I would let Mariah into the mud room and after awhile she wanted out. Too warm for her.

Anonymous said...

It is Dot couldn't send my message so I sent it anonymous.