Friday, August 6, 2010

Moving = Cleaning and lots of heavy lifting!

I don't know what we would do without the gospel in our lives. Not only does it bless us daily with knowledge and a closeness to Heavenly has the Elders Quorum, the best movers, and Relief Society, the best cleaners. It sure makes life a lot easier!

Here are the guys struggling with the heavy stuff. This is our pool which weighs a ton and took four guys to haul up!

Next....My antique stove that weighs almost as much as my piano...yup I have an old upright grand. They groaned when they saw that one. Lucky for them we didn't have a place to move it yet so Sean and Tyler wrestled it into the truck the next day! Then Sean and Mac wrestled it into our house (damaging the side of it...sniff so sad!)

I was almost hoping they would drop it as Russ Tanner said that is what happened to theirs in the last move. It got dropped and insurance paid them really well for it. Oh well.

Here is Cinderella cleaning! London is an amazing worker. She packed up half of our house herself. She helped clean and haul stuff out! I think she is just great! She isn't ever very excited to do the work but then she does it willingly! What a great kid. She thought I was crazy to want the deck scrubbed.

Mihoko Karaki scrubbing my windows with a tooth brush! Wow they shone! Mihoko is one of my favorite people. I have so many in Brooks but she is always so fun and kind, I love her. I hope to be in as good of shape she is in at 70 something. I have to get to work as she can kick my butt in every way!

Barb Bateman came and helped. The bedroom was the last done. As you can see I still needed to pack up my closet! It only took them an hour to wash down walls and windows so that was pretty good! I was Barb's visiting teacher. She was always fun to visit! Best cook ever!

Sherraine Crapo, Relief Society president and never misses out on giving service.

Patsy, my neighbour and friend...scrubbing away!

I missed pictures of Carol Cyr, I just love her and Joanne Buteau. Thanks for all the help guys.


Joanne said...

I am soooo sorry I wasn't able to come and help. But thank goodness for great friends and neighbours. btw I think you have a fabulous daughter too. do you wanna send her my way if we ever sell our house????

Randa said...

I agree your antique stove must be very heavy cause Vance came home and said I was never allowed to have one =)

Eva Aurora said...

I hate moving and packing. What great people to come and help you out! We're lucky to have these support systems in our lives, aren't we?