Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Beautiful land!

Taking a break from inside raking up all the mess from the juniper tree's. I just love the barn in the background.

In the kitchen we ripped 2 closet's so that we can put in all the new cabinets!! Which should be done the end of next week!!!! So excited.

Everyone is painting right now. We are trying to be ready for Carpet getting put in at the end of next week. I have Sean doing the ceilings because he is so tall! Talking tall London is now 5'7" I can't believe it!!! Sean measured her the other day without shoes and everything. I am just over 5"5' so now she is way taller than me and still growing!

I tried to show how yellowed the ceiling are but this picture doesn't do it any justice! It is way worse than it shows

This is our outdoor cat names Kitty (we quit naming them because they disappear so often on the farm) She is our favorite friendly cat. We have been letting her in because our new house is overrun with cats! Yup not only was it a huge mess to take on he left like 17 cats to poop and pee under my deck so now lets take a minute to imagine the smell.......mmmm! Well anyway they are all super wild and they hate our kitty and chase her off around the house so we let her come in to eat. Well she ate and then took over Blossoms bed...poor Blossom she didn't know what to do so she just sat there and let her.

As for the cats we are getting rid of them a bit at a time. We have caught a few...with gloves and let me tell you the racket and fight they gave is unforgettable. Sean wouldn't have a hand left if he wasn't wearing gloves! Anyway we gave some to Fajnors who needed farm cats to keep the mice down. We took the meanest one for a real long drive. Some have met a fate that isn't legal so I won't share how. Anyway we have no choice it is over run and they are crazy mean.

Our driveway...nice and long and through the tree's is our place. See all the dead tree's that need to come down one of these days once the house is done.

London and Teesha painting the fence. Tesha is in the back..can you see her? Any way they earned money painting the fence and hauling the junk from the house. They did a great job. This little fence took hours to scrape and then paint. It was pretty rough and the paint soaked right in but the front entrance looks way better now.

Before....The grass was so tall I didn't even realize the fence was off the ground. It was midway up the wagon wheel it looks great!

Yeah!!! Some pretty parts. See the beautiful tree's behind the girls. I love that part of the front I say tree's because there is a ditch that they are growing in about 4 feet down and a stream is running right there down into our coulee. You could soak your feet at my front entrance if you wanted to....we did see 2 snakes there so beware!

Here is a little waterfall. It is coming from the pond creek above. It flows all winter long and is a natural spring. Sean mowed and took away all the tall grass and on a hot afternoon we can sit and cool off. The rocks are really slippery so we need to build a little bench to sit on. I love this! I know it is no amazon waterfall....but it is beautiful and it is ours!

Looking up from down by the waterfall.

Part of our Coulee....the grass is so overgrown you can't see the stream running through. It is so beautiful.


Anonymous said...

(Kathy T.)

Wow! You are going to have a 5-star place when you're done! I love the waterfall! Good luck with the painting.

Kristen said...

Wow, I'm not even going to go into how jealous this makes me feel! I'm really excited for you guys. I hope you enjoy your new home. It looks amazing!

rosecoloredglasses said...

i miss you guys sooo much but we have been super busy too:( your place is going to be sooo beautiful....i still didnt win the lottery so im still in brooks,,,,,but the second i your neighbour:) luv ya and keep bloggin....i luv them!!

Eva Aurora said...

The land is gorgeous! No wonder you're putting up with a house renovation. Great barn! Even with lurking snakes and feral cats, it looks like you have a real prize.

Joanne said...

that really is your own oasis in the middle of the prairies. i'm lovin' these updates- keep them up!!

broberts said...

such hard workers ya'll are!!! can't wait to lawrence brings me out there and i get to see it for myself instead of in pics! but, i am glad you're posting so much about your acreage adventures!!!

boysmum2 said...

Wow, it is all looking so good. You are also posting a lot more as well. Keep going, looking forward to more pictures soon.