Friday, August 6, 2010

Jump! One last time.

Even though we were crazy busy packing we had to take a break for our favorite activity Bridge jumping. We will really miss our neighbourhood bridge. It is the most amazing spot for some local fun! It made it a perfect farewell that Dela, Alex, Teesha and Suzi (cousin) could join us.

Cooling off!

Action shots

It was really fast moving so you had to work to stay in the same spot.

London and Alex getting ready to take the plunge. Teesha when she jumped one time got water up her nose and she made a mistake and said nose up! So the rest of the jumps we kept asking if she got Nose up?

Alex's shorts were like a floatation device. It was so funny that they puffed up like that! Made her little bum look huge!

Jump London Jump! Doing tricks and spins! We will really miss our own private jumping spot but we will be back to visit! Plus now we have our own waterfall in our back yard....we will continue to find fun in Medicine Hat!


Anonymous said...

Kathy T.

I had so many fun times in irrigation ditiches growing up - good, cheap fun!

Stephanie said...

I never knew there was a great bridge to jump from!! That would be so fun!!

broberts said...

that looks like so much fun!!! thanks for all the post''re doing a good job keeping up with your blog despite how crazy things are with the new house! good for you!

Mona said...

Ya gotta remember that to work hard you have to play harder! How's renos?