Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yikes!!! What have we gotten ourselves into?!

A kitchen shot before the man we bought from moved out.

The downstairs....a dark and scary place

The front porch. I don't quite know what to do with this as it is so small. I think we will build an addition on and change the front of the house to a large entry way.....we'll have to see.

I didn't get a good picture of the kitchen before we ripped out the cupboards. Here is when we were measuring for new cabinets and the man we bought it from was still in it. He was packing up everything so it is crowded but it is a good sized kitchen. New flooring and drywall. A tree fell through the roof last year so the kitchen and living room are in pretty good shape. A good clean, new cabinets and a coat of paint and voila! We will be done that part.

Here is a great picture of the hallway before we tore out the carpet.

This is going to be my office. The man we bought it from was a collector so every room was so full you couldn't even walk into them. He had a lot of stuff to move and he got it out by the deadline which was amazing! He did a great job. We really rushed him as well. We only had about 3 weeks to move....CRaZy!

This is the sunken living room. It has a nice bay type window. Lots of light and a really high ceiling. I am struggling to think how I am going to decorate it. I love the gas fireplace, it just needs a bit of an update...I will worry about that later when we have moved in.

Here is the other end of the downstairs. It was a little kitchenette. It has a raised floor so we took that out and all the cupboards. We are going to make a bigger window and make this our spare bedroom! Have no fear, future guests out there, it will be beautiful in the end! (I hope)

This is why we had to rip all the carpets out. It was very stinky in the basement. So much so that we needed masks on. He has an older dog that had health problems that used the basement as a bathroom for the last couple of years. It is way better now that everything is ripped out. It was more work than we first thought as all the drywall is soaked as well, so we had to rip it all out.

Call me the great Carpet ripper!!!! Of course the underlay was glued down. Nothing comes out easy!

Here is my hunk of burning love with a power tool....uggg uggg. That floor was nailed down super good. It took forever to take it out. He finally reverted to a skill saw...more power!

Nice behind shot!! Of the basement of course.

The little bathroom downstairs we have yet to rip out but will be next!

No surprise, here is Dela again! She is so amazing. She has even come to the new house to help and cheer us up. She was so full of encouraging thoughts and muscle strength, we got all the walls upstairs washed down and ready to paint! I don't know how I could have survived this last month without her. Thanks Dela!

Here is the baby of the family not quite knowing what to do with herself. He sat like this, her butt on one stair and her feet on the other watching us forever. She looks sad in the picture doesn't she. Between living at grandma and grandpa's (which she loves...lot of treats) to being drug to the reno house she doesn't know what is going on. It will be better once we have our stuff in and she figures out this is home. I have to watch her outside because of snakes. I think a bite from one of them would kill her.

My next post I have some of the beautiful reasons we bought here and some progress of what we are getting done. It is getting better I promise.


Stephanie said...

I am LOVING all the pics... I can't believe that guy got it all out, insane ~ there was so much stuff in there. Keep the pics coming!!

Stacey S said...

What an unbelievable project your family has going! What a team! Can't wait to see the finished product... must give you such a huge sense of accomplishment to see it shaping up. The soiled roll of carpet did make me gag...thanks for the warning!

Eva Aurora said...

Wow! You have your work cut out for you. After this, you'll be house reno pros and will get your own show on HGTV and I will always watch it. Love the pictures and words about what you're planning.

rosecoloredglasses said...

your place is super kimara...i can hardly wait to come again and lend a hand whenever needed,,,,,im not much of a decorater,,,but i sure can clean and paint....perhaps sean can teach me a few new tricks for my own place,,,luv that you take time out to important for you to do this,,,,amazing to look back on...i can hardly wait for the kitchen and appliances....oh my...i think you might have me in reno mood...unfortunately i dont want to sepnd money on this one....luv ya and see ya soon

Joanne said...

wow I can't get over the amount of work you all are doing. It will definately be beautiful once it is done though... keep thinking those happy thoughts!!!!

Kristen said...

Of anyone that I know, you would be the one to be able to turn something that an old dog has used as a bathroom into something absolutely beautiful. Hope everything works out well!