Friday, August 27, 2010

Finding a bit of fun

Tyler, Amy and the gang (sounds like a music group) braved the mess and came for a mini vacation visit to Medicine Hat. We worked and we found some fun.

Tyler found this to be fun...those who got shot not so much!? I threatened him enough he didn't get me. He and Sean found it funny to inflict pain on each other and some unlucky kids!

We got the little quad going. Jack couldn't quite get the hang of steering so he had to have some help.

Tyler acting crazy and making everyone run for their

Sean taught them how to start the quad and Adam was able to do it on his own! This little quad was London's since grade doesn't fit her anymore but we keep it around for others to use. It is such a fun little guy. When London first got it she was toodling in our gopher and badger ridden field and flipped it on top of her. She cried and Sean went out and made her get back on even though she didn't want to....well look at her now she is such a good little quadder! She has spent hours on this little guy.

Even the big guys had to try it out!! Both Sean and Tyler couldn't resist. I was sure they were going to blow something up...there are way bigger then what is meant for it!

Look no hands...jack is ridding on his own... until he has to turn. We have a big dent on the front of our car so someone riding the quad hit it....hmmmm

I love the big seat on the back of my quad you can fit quite a few kids on for a leisurely drive. Here is Adam getting Chauffeured around.

Kicking up lots of dust!

Showing off....he was really concerned that I get a picture of his wheelie skills. Way to go honey! (some guys don't ever grow up....I love it he is so fun!)

OK so we did work...we are trying to get rid of some junk so that we can move some of our stuff into it. This shed is filled with tires and chemicals...grrrrr. I wish he would move things out!

The man we bought the house from still hasn't even taken his horses from off the was to be for a couple of weeks a month later they are still here. They are beautiful. I would like some horses but Sean like the iron kind of horse shown above that you just throw in fuel and go. It was a fun couple of days. They got to come and lay on the thick carpet.
We went school shoe shopping with them and they were all trying on shoes and Charlie was hanging out with Sean and started stinking. He looked up to Sean and said..."did you poop? Sean said no did you? Charlie smiled and said no...but he did! That still makes me laugh such a funny little guy. We miss them it was great having them come.


Stephanie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!
I think you needed a little Mossey break :D who doesn't right?!

All good things said...

I love the flower barrel lending it's beauty to the whole picture! It represents what your entire property will look like in the near future! :)

Kristen said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Those Mossey kids are too fun. Yesterday we had Adam and Jarom at the lake with us and they all had a cupcake war and Jarom ended up with icing in his armpits, on his back, stomach, and had an icing beard! It was too funny!

rosecoloredglasses said...

glad you took a much needed break and got a bit of work inbetween the visiting,,,,,seriously that is what keeps you guys going....:)