Sunday, August 22, 2010

Junk Junk Junk will I be $10,000.00 richer??

I love this picture of Sean modeling all the junk!

Here are some pictures of all the junk that has to be removed by Oct. He has been taking stuff away almost daily but the piles don't seem to be getting smaller. If he doesn't clean it all up I will be 10 thousand dollars richer but work poorer! I hope that he can do this seemingly endless task.

Sean working for the camera. Sean's dad surveying the junk and declaring it all treasure!

This is the one area in the upstairs I haven't cleaned yet. I will be taking it on Monday. I need to prepare for the delivery and installation of my dream kitchen! It is so amazing I can't wait. I hope it translates well in reality as good as it looks on paper. I picked a lovely green. I was going to put a butter yellow and a green living room but I decided it would be too much color in two rooms joined together.

Lane, my cousin, came out for the day yesterday and they went plumbing crazy!! They tore out the rest of everything downstairs and started doing all the plumbing. Unfortunately they didn't get far and he lives in Calgary so Sean is on his own for the rest. Now the crazy guys tore out both toilets! Yup I guess I will really be roughing it to the bushes. Good thing there are trees.

More downstairs destruction.

Bringing in the drywall from outside.

Here are my front gates all painted up. I am giving them to you as a map so you can find my house. They are done and even though the rest of my house is still a disaster I will be sad if you don't come and drop in for a visit! Our new phone number is 403-526-7963. We will be moved in by Friday....I hope. The flooring is going in on Tuesday morning and then we are having help moving our upstairs stuff in on Wednesday. We will get our kitchen sometime the following week so we will be kitchenless. Until there is a bathroom toilet again we won't be moving in.....I am willing to rough it but I draw the line at going outside in the middle of the night! My bladder isn't like it used to be!
Soon my friends, I will be posting some more happy pictures of our progress!


Eva Aurora said...

It's a good thing you don't have to haul all that junk away. Yet. How exciting this all is! And a new kitchen! As long as you're not living there, I guess having both toilets ripped out isn't so bad. If you were...

Joanne said...

what a beautiful entry way to your crazy ( right now) world. and holy junk batman- you know that would drive me crazay!

Stacey said...

Oh my gosh Kim! That is insane! I cannot believe the work load you guys have. Lane was bummed he wasn't able to get further on the plumbing. He wants to come out again. You guys were too generous. Lane just wants to get out there and help. We feel that when we hang out with your family, we are overexposed to pure awesomeness. ;)

Stacey said...

Too generous but thank you! Make sure I end that with a 'thanks'! ;)

rosecoloredglasses said...

i sure wish i had more heads up before all this took place as i would have saved my holidays for when you all moved:( i miss you guys and feel like i should be doing more for so sorry i cant be closer on a daily basis to help take this stress off of you all at least a little,,,,,but i do know that you are all so amazing and perservering through it all,,,,you and sean are totally giving it all you got and that girl of your is the most amazing young teen any parents could ask for....she sure will be glad to be able to put her own touches on her room when that comes time...makes me sad to know that school is around the corner and time is running out however i know you will *get er done* XO

boysmum2 said...

It is slowly coming together, just wish I lived closer to be able to pop on by and help out