Friday, August 27, 2010

Amateur Photography

I was having fun with my camera the other day and I think we have some beautiful spots for pictures on the farm. Isn't this a beautiful picture of Amy! I love it, she is so beautiful! I just wish the hot tub was looking better but with the gazibee (my name for the half of a gazebo) and the tree's behind I love it!

Beautiful Maddy

My beautiful girl with the barn behind!

Grinning Jack

This bench is my house warming gift to ME! I love it. It is for going around trees which I have now....yippee!

On Monday, later in the day when we were taking a break from work, we decided to start making a walking path that goes all around my property. We worked like lumberjacks let me tell you, hauling out big dead trees and old pipes and cutting out trees to our heart's content. It is hard to tell in the picture but in an hour we got a great start to our little path. We have one that goes from where Maddie and London are standing to the deer meadow. That is a little meadow in midst of the trees you can tell deer sleep in. Then we started making a path to the back of my property. We didn't make it too far as a huge dead tree was in the way and our lumberjane muscles just weren't enough to move it. We needed a chainsaw (which Sean won't let me run????) I wonder why?

Anyway, I am excited to work on it bit by bit to get ready for our first annual Easter egg hunt at the White house! I am so excited to start some great traditions here.

Here is a bit further along on our path! It feels like BC in there!

WE attempted to take some family pictures....ummm very difficult with 5 kids but they are still beautiful don't you think! Don't you love the gazibee as a background?

attempt # 104

I love this one. Everyone on the tree bench.

This is my antique carriage.

I had a bunch more but I must have forgotten to load them. Anyway, as you can see there are lots of neat places to take pictures so my friends out there that like to fool around with the camera like me...I know who you are... come visit! Bring all the kids and come and see me soon! Maybe this week I will get a bathroom and a kitchen!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog Kimara! These are wonderful pictures of you guys and the Mossey's. You guys have been working so hard, and it looks like a great place!

Love Bec

Joanne said...

those DID turn out fabulous... the one of amy and London with the barn......oh yeeee I can't wait to come out and play around with that barn! email me your address and a good time to come out. remember though.... the kids start school tomorrow.

Eva Aurora said...

I'll definitely be dropping by the next time I'm up in Canada! By that time, I'm sure your entire property will be exactly the way you want it and you can teach me all your tricks.

Stephanie said...

Not sure how I missed this post?
FUN pictures!! I love the gazibee!!!