Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Eve at the White House

OK so this first picture isn't Christmas Eve but they did deliver my first Christmas gift and first Christmas decoration! I love visitors. This day was such a crazy day. It was the same day that Dad's house came, so I wish we could have visited longer. I love this picture! I just love my island, it is so fun to have everyone sitting around while I am cooking things up!

I miss my primary kids so much (I miss Randa and Lisa too but their kids gave way more hugs!) This is an invite to all you fellow bloggers out there....come and visit! I know you come to Medicine Hat fairly often....drop the kids off and go shopping, or come for lunch so I can demo my awesome kitchen....whatever just please come!

Now this is Christmas Eve. I took a little trip to an awesome dollar store here in town and bought a whole bunch of silly goodies! We then did the steal or keep game and what ever you got you had to wear for the rest of the evening and during skit in the bag. It was so fun! This is two of Sean's brothers, Randy and Mac. There was lots of trading going on!

His is my Nephew Diedrich. The poor kid got three items stolen from him. I love the expression in this one. He loved these socks and luckily got to keep them. He even wore them Christmas day.

Another of his hot items

And yet another.... It is nice now that they are all a little older. A few years ago this game wouldn't be fun, it would be full of crying!

Here is Ben...the hat thief! He is my oldest nephew. We were able to go to the boys' Christmas concert this year and it was amazing! They did this bell ringing that was unforgettable. It really brought in the spirit of Christmas for me.

Mac sporting his bow tie very nicely!

Hannah the princess who needed her two front teeth for Christmas. She is such a darling girl and a real little chatter. Life is never boring when she is around.

Sean the stud muffin..... What a little cutie. He wouldn't give up his hat! He hates skit in a bag but he was a real good sport! I didn't take pictures which really makes me mad. My favorite two characters were Randy, who was the "muh nuh muh nuh" guy using sleeping smoke to put everyone to sleep (with my golden liahona and Sean's hair trimmer), very funny, you had to be there! and Deid who was Sad Sadie the BO lady! He was wearing quite the dress. Dad named him from an old TV add.

Here the lone wolf is sporting this hat quite well, but not for long

Here is our little Rudolf....hiding her cute nose. Did you ever notice she has a perfect heart on the end of her cute!

Dad's hat got stolen so now he is sporting red balls. Also my sister-in-law Susanne got my favorite, the Christmas lights. (which I stole from Randy)

London had to leave the party early to guide Santa's sleigh! hee hee

All in all, it was such a fun night full of food...(that lasted forever, I made way too much!) and family, which made our Christmas Eve fun and memorable. I love them and I am so glad some could come for Christmas Eve.


Kathy T. said...

I really want to come and see your place - I'm opting for a warm day without the crazy snow. My kids miss you and want to see you too. I was totally missing you on fast sunday. I think you hate those silent periods as much as I do.

I love your blog - don't stop. I know it's frustrating not getting the comments. I think it's a great way to keep in touch. Take care.

Steph said...

I want to play skits in a bag!! How fun does that sound?
One day we will come visit.. looking like spring is a great time to travel :P

Jocelyn said...

How nice to have visitors! I wish I knew people coming this way. Oh well. Even better to have family close by, what a blessing for your family.

Kristen said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I can`t wait to have older kids and be able to do fun things like that without all the fighting!

Randa said...

So totally fun chirtmas Ideas but I have to say Im really impressed with the picture of Lisa and I and our rascals. With your camera having a tantrum and still managing to get a picture with all the rascals smiling AND Me deserves some awards or something!

boysmum2 said...

What a fun game it looks like, may have to try it when the boys are older. And you know I would be there in a heart beat for food and hot choc, but sorry am not giving up my sun at present!