Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gorrilla Ball or Basketball wrestling?

I am slacking with the posts! Sorry. This is from our basketball tourney in Brooks a few weeks ago. It was fun and very sad at the same time. We were excited to be in our old stomping grounds and a little stressed about playing our old team.

Here is London with Ashley, one of her good friends here.

It was some crazy competition and a couple really rough games. London had her fingers jammed in one of the games and was in crazy pain but kept playing. We saw her over shaking her hand over and over on the floor and afterwards it was swollen and black and blue. She had to tape it for the championship game between us and Brooks.

The whole team around the table, waiting forever for our lunch ....over an hour wait! It was crazy and we had awful waitresses!!!! Good food in the end.

Announcing the winners at the end. We lost our game to Brooks...what a battle that was. Even though we lost the last game we still won gold as our team had more points! Yippee. It was the first game in the season that went into overtime....Man, it was an intense game!

This was the score of the last game. I have to say, this was one of the hardest things ever, to see your child struggle to play against her best friend and old team members. It was awful. Of course, Dela and family were great. They stayed and cheered for London for all her games. Dela is like a second mom to London. We love her so much. It was so strange how we went from teammate to enemy. Even the some of the girls that were old friends didn't know how to act and treated us like the enemy. I think it is an age thing. They felt like London was a traitor. So the game was very physical and ugly. London guarded a girl that she had a history of dislike with...she is the typical mean girl that ruins everyone else's school life. London guarded her hard like usual but this girl took it personally, as did London, and there was lots of pushing, shoving and almost punching in the face. I was shocked. The worst part was that her mother, who sat behind me, kept screaming for her to punch London in the face. Kill her, make her bleed. Man, let's just say I got lots of crocheting done as I tried to control myself......unfortunately it didn't end very well and both Sean and I said things we regret. Ah.....how I wish I would progress and be more meek.

Waiting for the results

The results...They won gold. I love the looks on their faces!

Victory! They are all really nice girls. London really likes her team

Showing the goods

The games came with a price. Poor Ashley got her shoulder pulled out. We ended up in the ER visiting her....she is still out of the games. 3 weeks later. She is one of our best players. London's finger is as good as new. Basketball is so fun to watch. London really loves it and I am proud of what a good little team player she is. It is a crazy busy season as she has practice every night....Sometimes I feel like she is never here! I will be glad in one way when it is over....except she starts rugby next....Have you seen how violent that game is? I may have to stay home! lol

Here is a bruise count. I can't believe how many bruises this kid gets. It is like wrestling out there some times!

Finger marks....she had several full finger tip prints from people grabbing her arm...which she likes to keep shoved in their backs. She even had a perfect hand print bruise on her chest.

skinned knee's every game!

Hand bruised up the next day.


Jocelyn said...

That reminds me of a time when Jason was coaching for Milk River and we were playing Standoff. Oh my, I was sure there was a trail of ambulances lined up outside. I hated it. It was horrible!

I am surprised you were so nice, I would not have been. "Sticking a crochet needle in an eye" is what crossed my mind. I hate it when parents are so mean and nasty. I have a roll of duct tape to send to the next game with you if you like.

London is on fantastic player! She loves the game and it shows in the way she plays. You and Sean should be proud of her. She is a pretty great kid all around. I LOVE having her in Young Women's. She has been such a great addition.

Stacey said...

Wow! Violent! What a crazy mother that was for telling her daughter to punch a member from another team in the face! I want to know what you and Sean said. muhahah! I can't believe the other coach didn't say anything to that parent. geesh. Were the other girls on her former team, generally nice to London? Well, go London, go!

boysmum2 said...

No body said this game was gentle, way to go with gold, always makes a bad game good when you bet them anyway on point differences

Krymsen said...

Go London GO! Rebecca told me yesterday that she wants to play basketball. I guess I'll have to get her into self defence first. :)

Kristen said...

Ummm what?!? I was so glad that Marcus was into basketball instead of something like football and hockey because it wasn't as violent! With those girls parents screaming for blood, I get it though. That is just shameful! Why are people so ignorant and rude? I just don't get it. Poor London...she sure took a beating! At least it was worth it. Go London!!

Kathy T. said...

Yikes!!!! Nothing like a little Scrapball!!!

This scares me, thinking of what I get to look forward to. I'm not sure I'd just sit there listening to the other Mom talking and giving smack. Not cool. Not cool at all. Maybe I should learn knitting...

Joanne said...

holy COW!!! I am amazed at her determination and bruises- way to go ( as long as they don't hurt too bad!) congrats on winning gold that is awesome!