Saturday, January 22, 2011

Daddy's dancing darling

OK so New Year's Eve was London's first dance!  She finally turned 14.  She has been very excited/nervous about this.  For her birthday we got a Wii dance game and had a dance themed party.  We never did have a friends big birthday party.  Christmas time was too crazy this year.  There is always year 15!  So the big day finally arrived.  Two of her friends came over for the day and took over my bathroom about 3 hours before the dance. Notice the "Mom you are so weird" look on her face?

As my dad would say they were "trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"  Which in this case isn't true! Oh to be young again and have such beautiful skin, hair....everything young and not starting to droop...OK I digress back to London.

I got Holly brushing those toothies so that they sparkle too!  She will just love this picture!

London wore curlers all night and day (the spongy pink ones) to achieve these curls.  She was even brave enough to go shopping in them and have everyone stare at her.  It was so funny!   Here is the after result of all the time spent....boy was it worth it!  How beautiful.  I helped them all do their hair and put on a little bit of make up.  London got a few things of make up for her birthday which she decided to wear to the dance.  It was so fun to hear all the giggles coming from the bathroom and all the plans of who they wanted to dance with.

We found this dress at Sears, regular $160, for around $20.  I forgot all the details now but it was a smoking deal!!  It suited her perfectly.  There was this darling grandma in the change room that wouldn't leave until she modelled all the dresses for her.  She insisted on this one (as did I).  It was so cute she was adorable!
Anyway, the sweetest thing happened when she came out to present herself to Sean, Grandpa and me for pictures.  I looked over and there is Sean in the kitchen with a paper towel dabbing tears.  It was a tender moment.  I am so glad that he loves her so much.  He kept saying she is so beautiful and that she looks 17!  It is hard on us parents to see our babies growing up!

Doing the Charlie's Angels pose!  I think it is so funny that so many  of London's friends are so much shorter than her.  She looks like a giant!  She is wearing flat boots as well.

It was so fun waiting for her to come home and listening to them talk all about who they danced with and everything that happened.  I love being a mom of a teenager! The adventures never end!  The next day she had her first boy girl toboggan party.  It was a fun New Years Day.


Stephanie said...

The girls all look great!
The sponge rollers were a success lol.
*did you have a mother/daughter talk with her and tell her to STOP growing up?? i almost can't handle it!

rosecoloredglasses said...

i agree with sean its teary eye time watching her grow up so fast....she looked amazing...and yes she certainly looked older than 14 that glad she had fun!!!:)

Kristen said...

So sweet! It's so hard to see your little babies grow up right before your eyes! You are so lucky you have such an amazing teenager...I am dreading the day that I have teens. I've been told you get back tenfold what you gave. You must have been an amazing teenager yourself!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can not even imagine how happy and sad that whole experience would be. I get so worried when I think of my Ava as a teenager, come to think of it, I get worried thinking of my Truman as a teenager too....but for different reasons! You must be so proud of her, I can tell in how you speak of her. She really is a chip off the OLD blocks! ;-) Good job on raising her Kimara! She is a beautiful person.

Joanne said...

beautiful ( inside and out ). i'm glad she is having so much fun. we sure miss you guys out here.

Kathy T. said...

London, you look beautiful!

Teenagers...I don't know about that. I want to keep them small forever.

Eva Aurora said...

My oldest has no interest in going to dances, so I'm having to wait until the next one turns 14 to see if I can help her get all dolled up. London looks so beautiful. Love that dress! If you could come over and give me some lessons on hair, I would be most grateful. :)

Jocelyn said...

She looks amazing! I love having her in Young Womens! She has a wonderful spirit about her. It has been such a blessing to have your whole family move here and to have her influence our Young Women for the better!

Randa said...

She is such a fantastic girl! I don't know this friend Jocelyn is but I feel like we might have to have a throwdown so I can have London back in MY young womens!!

Modest IS Hottest! Canada. said...

That dress is amazing! Loooove it! Yes, it is not easy watching them grow up.