Monday, January 10, 2011

Move Day!

I am so far behind on my blog, I am going to be doing a lot of catching up this month. Dad has been here for a month now and we are loving it! It is so nice to be closer to him. He is keeping himself busy despite the yucky weather we have had lately!

This is the first look we had of his new home. He bought it sight unseen and it was made specifically for him.

I was worried that they were going to have to take out our wagon wheel fence as it is a tight turn but they made it! Grandpa Jack came to help oversee everything as Sean had to work.

When we got to the trees, they wanted to cut a bunch more down. We had already cut a bunch and I didn't want any more so I made everyone stand in the really deep snow and push them to the side. I don't think the delivery guys were impressed but I love my trees and my privacy!

There 's Dad in the red cap getting a good close look at the house!

Here it is getting placed on the pad. They did a good job getting it in.

Then they just tip it up and have it slide off. There were a few mishaps. The backhoe pulled off some of the siding in the back but it has already been fixed. It will settle some and they will come back and re-level it in the spring. The ground all around is all messed up as the septic field was all put in. This spring it will be a mucky mess. We will get grass down soon enough.

Now, I am just dreaming of spring when I get to get baby chicks and Dad will teach me how to be a real farm girl!


Joanne said...

you are so cute... baby chicks and all. congrats to your dad for getting his house. that will be so loverly for you all.

Eva Aurora said...

Great way to get a house! Glad he's all moved in.

Jocelyn said...

YAY! Another blog post! Baby chicks are so cute. You seem so calm during this whole process. I wish I could be! My heart started pounding as I was reading it!

Steph said...

haha I don't think you need any help in becoming a real farm girl Kimara... looks to me like you have got things well under control!

boysmum2 said...

The house looks cute, and so simple to put in place.
Sure you will have fun organising in springtime