Friday, January 14, 2011

A Holly Jolly Christmas!

Here is all of London's loot from Santa...No... she didn't get dog biscuits, she shared her chair with Brigham. 

Here is Blossom not impressed with her first present... the Christmas collar...Santa is so mean to puppies!  She is so funny. This year when we got out her stocking she was so excited.  It squeaks so she is able to play with it.  Well, she remembered that she gets treats in it.  She wouldn't ever come upstairs.  She would sit downstairs with it everyday.  Up until this point she never spent time downstairs.  Every time she went outside to pee she would run down to check if this was the big day yet.  It was so cute.  When she saw Santa come and fill it she had to be carried upstairs to bed.  Then she sat on the bed looking out.  We had to lock her in so she wouldn't go downstairs early!

Here is Big Momma's stocking filled by her was full of beautiful perfumes, lots of yummy stuff and an awesome cookbook etc...

Here is Grandpa's Stocking and the cats stocking both filled with care.  All our animals have stockings and get special breakfasts Christmas morning.  I really miss now that we don't have horses. We used to go out and give them apples, carrots and was such a fun tradition.  The one year when we were having mouse problems I even went around and sprung all the traps because I didn't have the heart for them to die on Christmas day.  I set them again that night....Sean thinks I am crazy for that one!

Blossom and London playing with her stocking.  We love the animal stockings so much that every year London opens them before she does her own.

London and her father have a gift for guessing gifts...they are gift mediums.  I hate it.  They just touch it and know, so there is no shaking of presents or holding them at all allowed in the house. I remember for London's birthday when she was about 4, as soon as she saw the box she was so excited as it was a Poochi!  We got her this awesome belt buckle that was Yoda so Sean had fun wrapping it crazy so she wouldn't know what it was...hee hee.  It was hard to get into.

  I got Sean a jack from Costco that was so heavy we had to have help everywhere getting it in.  Luckily we had our carpenter at home and I begged him to bring it in the house.  Then I wrapped the lid and pushed with my legs to get it under the tree.

All the treasures unwrapped!  Yup, we are all spoiled rotten.

Both Grandpa and Blossom were worn out.  No wonder they are best buddies.  They are both checking their eyelids for holes!  We really love having Grandpa for Christmas.  London conned him to coming over early. He was there by 7:30...what a great sport.

We started a new tradition this year that was so fun.  I got a pickle decoration and you hide the pickle and the first one to find it on the tree gets the last present to open ( something special). Next year it will be a really good gift. This year I forgot until Christmas Eve so I stole some candy from Sean's stocking and wrapped it.  It turned out so fun!  I hid it really hard.  We all got little flashlights in our stocking so Grandpa used it right away and then everyone took it out.  Sean finally found the pickle after 5 minutes when I finally gave them hot and cold tips as Christmas breakfast was awaiting!  So now next year Sean hides it and buys the gift to give.  It will be a goodie when he does it.

still looking!

Modeling her snuggie knockoff from Costco.

There is room for two!  As long as it is only a DOG!!!!  NO BOYS LONDON!

*  OK Tammi this is a special note for think you have snow, girlfriend....just you wait until one of my next posts.  Wimp!


Stephanie said...

The pickle game sounds SO FUN!!
I would love to try it but have a feeling we will have to wait until later years due to ummmmm kids fighting and/or crying!
Looks like you all got spoiled.. even the dogs, too funny!

Jocelyn said...

I love her snuggie! Looks like it was a fun Christmas. How nice to have your Dad there and can come right over for Christmas morning.

I am looking forward to the snow post!

Joanne said...

how fun!!! can I be part of your family for christmas some time??? you guys rock that's all I can say.

Mindy said...

Christmas at the White House looks like a LOT of fun! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL.....that is funny! Can't wait to see your next post so that I can see all the snow that you guys have gotten! You have a lot of really wonderful Christmas traditions, I think I may have to borrow a couple of them for when our kids get a bit bigger! What a hoot!

Kathy T. said...

I think that Blossom is hilarious - just like a kid at Christmas! Too funny about the mice too - you're nicer than me!

Who makes pickle decorations for Christmas???

Anonymous said...

finally some more blog! keep em coming! thankyou! happy to hear you got my snow pics :(
love you :)
tammi p.

Kristen said...

My kids LOVE our pickle. It is so fun! I love the idea of the finder buying the gift...we`ve never done that.

Gicela said...

I love how London got a box of Lucky Charms!