Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspired to get ORgaNiZed

Well, I have caught the organizing bug and love it! The last couple of days, every time Sean asks where something is I am able to answer him and tell him exactly where. It is a great feeling. Now the key is to put everything back. Take that extra minute.

It all started when I went to visit my very organized Sister-in-Law. She was kind enough to let me look in every closet, kitchen cupboard and nook and cranny to see her organizing ideas. It was AMAZING! She had everything perfect...even color coordinated clothing (this is where she gets a little over the top..lol) As you can see, I didn't go that far. I have another really organized friend, Joanne, but I haven't gone into her closets but her house is never cluttered.

I have decided the key to organizing is containers. I have spent a small fortune, the cost of a small island I am sure, to buy buy buy containers, bins and gadgets to organize, but it really helped.
Then you just find a place and put it there. I de-junked some and got rid of a bit of stuff but unlike Joanne and Kate, I love a bit of clutter and I love my things. I just never know when I might need it for a calling, an object lesson or if someone visits. Sigh... I should get rid of a lot more and maybe in a few months I will get to that point.

I love the way my closet looks. I wish I had the wicker baskets on the top as they are so beautiful, but they are lots more money, so for now I will be happy with these sturdy guys from Walmart.

The biggest project I had is my craft cupboard. It was a disaster...really. I never knew where anything was when I needed it (which was right away) so I dug and then shoved everything back...remember I just moved so this isn't even as bad as it has gotten in the past.

I can hear panicked breathing of my organized friends...Joanne has already started the van and is loading up the kids (who I miss by the way...it would be nice to have you show up xxx) hoping to get at this mess.

I love my craft supplies. I never do anything with them...but I love them!.... Are you ready .....TA DA!

Doesn't it look so much better! I love all these containers. I keep opening it and looking at my cupboard. I know.... boring but it makes me so happy!

oooooohhhhhh awwwwwweeeee I never got a good full picture but it is containers from top to bottom

When Dad moved he didn't have room for this anymore so he gave it to me. Well, I am in love. He used it in his laundry room but I decided to make a material cupboard. In our old place it was in several bins that were stored out back and it was such a big deal to get it. So I never bothered to sew too often. Well, now it is in my house and I can get at it when ever. I am soooo happy.

It is hard to make it look organized when it is all fat quarters and then big and little pieces. If you have any hints let me know. I still love it! It is amazing to have it right where I need it.

My kitchen junk drawer.

Under my sink. I love the stuff I found, especially the little hangy thing and the shelf. Both on sale I might add.
Last of all my office drawer.
I still have a long way to go but I am getting it done and it feels great! The pressure off my shoulders already is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration Kate!


Stephanie said...

AWESOME!!! I love a good organizing bug (really its the only bug I like)
Very jealous of your material cupboard, way to go dad lol :D

Anonymous said...

looks great! Remember that organization is a constant process and it will stay organized. I am often reorganizing and finding new ways to make things work better. For your material cupboard I would still recommend containers otherwise it will get messy every time you go in there for something. Separate the fabric into types, or into project groups, and make sure you label the boxes. I have found that having all the same kind of containers, or as many as the same kind as you can for one organizing application also makes it much easier.
Doesn't it feel so much nicer to have a place for everything and everything in its place? I get high off that feeling! :D Great job. Now you just need to convince London to do the same in her room. ;) - kate

Jocelyn said...

WOW! When I grow up I wanna be like you! AND, have a closet like yours! Until then, it's "well I know it's in this room, just keep looking!" Oh well. I can look at yours and dream.

My mom has oodles of fabric. She organizes hers according to color. If you go to fabricland and ask them for one of their old fabric boards they will just give you one. She uses that to fold her fabric. She just wraps the fabric around it and then folds it in half. Then they are all the same size and easier to manage.If you don't get it, I can show you sometime.

Joanne said...

you know me too well my friend! I would LOVE to come and ohh and ahh over your fabulous organization AND get my hands into some of that stuff too. one of these years when I can get there.....I;ll just send happy organizational thoughts your way in the mean time.

Kathy T. said...

Wow! It looks fantastic!!! Joanne is the secret-orgainzation weapon. If ever you get overwhelmed just have her come over for a few hours - magic. (Or maybe just talent.) It looks like you caught the organizational bug just fine though! I think labelling is key. I told Russ it would be a good Valentine's gift - forget the flowers!

Kristen said...

Holy cow!!! You sure have done a ton! I think it looks fabulous! This is just the thing I am wanting to do. One day, it`ll be my turn...one day.

boysmum2 said...

Can you come and do my place when you have finished? We have sunshine and cold drinks!

momma4 said...

You ROCK... When are you coming to do my place?

Eva Aurora said...

That is truly impressive! Maybe, someday, if the stars align and the world doesn't end in 2012, I'll get all my junk organized. Great post.