Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sledding around!

During Christmas holidays we had the family up for some fun!  We got out our calf sled and pulled the kids...and Brigham.  He loved to ride with the kids.  He was so excited to have everyone playing outside in HIS yard.  He thinks he owns it.  Every time Blossom goes outside to pee he blocks her path back into the house and bullies her.  He is a nice dog but a big bully!  He ran after the sled for hours.  He started nipping at everyone so we had to lock him away for part of the day...bad doggie!

The little quad zips around just fine in the snow!  The kids are so good at driving the quads now.

Teija is holding a kitty.  EJ's kids love the animals and pack them around all day long.  So the kitten yet to be named got a ride too! So what should I name our pure black kitten?

EJ Drove the quad around forever.  Poor guy froze to death!  More fun...they are doing the roller coaster arms.

I love having family over.  It is so fun for the kids to have lots of things to do outside.  I am not a big fan of the cold so I mostly watched from inside.

Grandpa Jack brought over a truck hood so the boys were getting it ready to go for a spin.

There they are on the truck hood.  I never got a really good picture as they were in the back field most of the time.  It sounded fun!

Hannah and Tejia both had a Christmas wish for their two front teeth!  So we had them singing that all afternoon.

Hot Chocolate and treats were needed after all the cold fun!

This is my youngest newest nephew Zeke!  He had a little nap on our bed.  He is such a darling little boy.  He was to little this year for any sledding but next year.....watch out!

Another far away shot of the truck hood.


Steph said...

So much fun!
I could go for a nice ride behind the quad.. I would even hold Brigham!

Jocelyn said...

Looks like a blast! Oh how much fun you must have out there. Way to get creative with sleds! So glad for you that you are close to family and can have a ton of fun with them!

Kathy T. said...

I vote "snowball" for your black kitty. Something different. Something unforgetable.
"Nameless" is cute though too.

Eva Aurora said...

This is the best part of winter. That looks like so much fun.

How about naming your kitten Nigel?