Sunday, June 19, 2011

To the Special Men in My Life

Father's Day is so special this year!  My dad is living right here, so I get to see him every day!  That is such a great thing! 
Sean is the most amazing father!  He does everything for London.  He has taught her to ride a quad and scooter.  He is still teaching her how to work and work hard.  He is the gentle giant in our home.  Sean has the mooshiest heart of us all.  He often sheds a tear or two for the love of his little girl and me, his hot momma!  lol.  He brings laughter to our home everyday.  He is truly the funniest guy I know and I never get sick of his corny jokes!  Just don't tell him!  He can always cheer us up and help us see the funny side of the situation.  All of these wonderful traits and he is handsome too!  He still makes my heart flutter when I see him!
He makes me fall in love with him again and again each day.  I love that he is a righteous priesthood holder and has many times laid his hands on our heads and given us a blessing.  He is so hard working and never complains.  He is so handy around the house and I have yet to find something he can't figure out how to fix!  We love you honey!  Happy Fathers Day
This is his Father's day breakfast.  Sean is a cereal junkie and if he had his way, we would eat it for supper on most days.  He isn't a morning eater but always manages to eat his bowl of cereal for lunch or a snack.  The more sugar, the better and the bigger the bowl!  This is a small bowl but most people could feed a family with it!
**Update he is also amazingly strong...London and I attempted to do the chores this morning; feeding the chickens, ducks and goats but we couldn't get the waterers open so we had to have him come out and help us with his big bulging muscles!
 My dad is also amazing!  I feel so spoiled having him and Sean right here. They do everything for me and both are always looking out for me!  It is so nice to have all the extra love.   Growing up, we went camping and fishing.  I always remember getting a Cuban Lunch chocolate bar for our lunch (anyone see those anymore?  Square chocolate with peanuts in it?).  I had so much fun fishing, both in winter and summer.  Once a beaver came up and touched my pole while fishing at the dam.  Dad taught me a love for nature and a keen eye for seeing animals on the side of the road.  He spent hours taking me bottle picking so I could earn some money.  I am sure that he spent more on gas than I made!  I still remember my first attempt at pancakes. I put in baking soda instead of baking powder.  He ate them with gusto and complimented me on my good cooking....I found out when I sat down to eat how awful they were!
It has been a joy having him closer. We have shared lot of laughs and good times.  Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you!
How can I mention all the wonderful men in my life and not mention my father in law!  He made my husband what he is today (with a lot of help from my wonderful mother in law!).  Sean's dad is very social and easy going with friends in every corner in town.  He loves them all no matter the class or manner that they are.  He treats everyone as the Saviour would treat people.  He knows pretty much everything...I mean it not sarcastically!  He has so much jammed into his brain, I don't know how he contains it all!  He knows how to fix and build anything and what junkyard has what we need!  He has helped us so much here on our farm finding all the needed items to fix stuff.  He is always willing to lend a hand. 
We love you, Jack! 

As you can see I am so blessed.  I am especially grateful to my Heavenly Father and all he has blessed me with, especially these wonderful men!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute Kimara, you are a very lucky girl! luv ya tammi p.

Anonymous said...

Love it Kim.


Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time leaving my comment.
I thought what you said was great. Happy Father's day Sean. What would we ever do without amazing Fathers and Husbands?