Friday, June 24, 2011

Duct tape anyone?

London had a duct tape dance the other weekend. She was very excited to go. I always wondered what everyone did with all that colorful duct tape. Well she designed her dress and we went out and found colors she would like. Thank goodness for Michael's 50% off coupon last week!

We read to do it on light fabric or plastic wrap! Can you imagine how hot plastic wrap would be? So we decided on material. It is so funny when we cut her out of her dress at the end of the dance she was steaming it was so hot under that duct tape....note to self duct tape doesn't breath!

Front of the skirt designed! We made each part in pieces so when it was time for the dance we just taped her right into the dress.

She had a couple of her friends come over and hang out before the dance and get beautiful! It didn't take long they are all such cute girls. I love the laughter and fun of teenagers. It really makes a house come alive!

OK so London wanted to do the dress but we needed Sean's help as he is so good at these things because he is a perfectionist...that is why we need him but sometimes it is what drives us crazy! He kind of takes over the project and there is lots of "discussions" between him and London! lol

The duct tape kept wanting to stick to it self which can be very frustrating!

She's all taped together now time to finish it off with a hem...with duct tape. Man that is way easier than a regular hem. I tried using duct tape once on one of my pants as I wanted to wear them and then hem them wore them several times then tried to get the duct tape off...not good it left a sticky residue on my pants!

All ready to go. I made London a tinfoil headband. That was the other option to use. Aren't they so cute!! I love how London's dress came out with especially the belt and polka dots!

Silly picture! She even duct taped some Value Village shoes!


Kristen said...

Adorable!!! How fun is that?!? This is definitely an advantage of having a girl! Way to go Sean...that is one cool dress! I love the headband too. You guys are the coolest family around!

Steph said...

Love it!! You make everything look so fun all the time!

Kathy T. said...

FANTASTIC! There was a girl in Magrath who made her grad dress out of duct tape - it was beautiful! (Must have been hot though!)

Good job London & Sean!

Janet Perkins said...

Super cute! You Whites are so talented. Really great job :)

Cindy M said...

maybe you have stumbled onto a weight loss gimmic--- a sweat dress! LOL your family is awesome - you have so much fun together

Joanne said...

THAT. IS. AWESOME!!!!!!!( the duct tape dress is amazing- I want one). i haven't been commenting because it won't let me publish my posts so here's to hoping it works. your yard is be you ti ful!!!! i totally want to come and visit and now that the kids are off school it should be easier??

Jocelyn said...

I think it turned out great! What fun, I wish we had duct tape like that when I was a kid!