Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I really enjoy the first flowers of spring! It feels so good after such a long winter to see green! There is one flower garden on this land. It is overgrown with grass but the flowers are beautiful.

Lots of Purple and white. I don't know what to do with this garden as it is so overgrown I will never get the grass out. So for now I just trim the grass and enjoy the flowers!

We have all been working like crazy this spring to try and beautify the land. It has been mistreated for so long it is a ton of work. I can't believe how many hours we have worked on it already! I keep telling Sean we never get to relax...not any time in the future do I see the end of projects. It gets overwhelming sometimes. Most people have a little yard and a flower bed or two and take on a big project a year. I have 100's of big projects and to mow our lawn takes all day in itself.

Dad bought himself a beautiful mower that is way faster than ours so it is amazing! It is so nice that he helps out so much around here. He shouldn't as it makes him tired and sore! I think he likes mowing though!

I needed to have some garden boxes this year. I really miss gardening. Last year I didn't have one as we moved. So I begged for some this year. I know it is really late as I am just planting them today but I hope I will still get some produce. I couldn't decide where to put it but finally decided on this spot. It was totally over run with weeds. I didn't take before pictures ...that makes me so sad. You can see the clumps of weeds in the corner the whole thing was like that.

Big ugly weeds. So thick sometimes our commercial weed whipper can't even cut it!

It was all like this!

There are some of my beautiful garden boxes Sean built for me. I just did 4 this year and I will do 4-8 more depending on how much they produce. I will do that next year. I am lucky to get these 4. I have never had raised beds before I am not sure how they will work. I hear it is easier to weed but I know they don't produce as much. I will still have a garden next year on the ground for my potatoes ect..

This is my tool of choice. I love that the tree is hiding my big butt! I love my weed eater. It is well used. I have weed whipped for hours now!

Busy working! Man I need a hair cut!

We have a lot on the go! I need to take time to enjoy life a bit. It gets overwhelming when you work work work. I so badly want my yard to be beautiful I just need to slow down and realize it will take years. I hate people thinking we are hillbillies!


Jocelyn said...

A garden is so satisfying! How nice of him to build you gardens. It is a ton of work, but SO worth it in the long run. Your flowers are beautiful.

Cindy said...

actually square foot gardens produce more per squar foot than regular gardens because you don't plant in rows-- you plant in squares and you use less seed becuase you don't over seed-- I'm sure you know all this already--what did you put under your boxes??

Kathy T. said...

It looks beautiful! I love the flowers by your wagon - so pretty. I think you're also going to love those boxes. Way to go Sean!

Stacey said...

I have a hard time thinking anyone would consider your family hillbillies! You guys have already beautified so much, you're well past that state!

B Fajnor said...

Raised beds are, in my oppinion, way better. They produce a ton and are easier to care for. Maybe more work to set them up and start them going, but once they're ready there's no turning back. And your yard looks pretty darn good to me!!!!

boysmum2 said...

I love the rustic look garden with the buggy in it, so cute, keep it as it is.