Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The hired help

For a young men's and young women's fundraiser this year they had a service auction to save money. The thing we bid on was labour! We have so much to do around our little farms. We paid for 3 boys for 5 hours to come and work....and work they did! They did 7-10 truck loads of picking up twigs and raking.

I had weed-wacked the whole back the grass was very tall and so it took a lot. They raked and picked all morning. It is hard to tell by these pictures but it wasn't a nice day. It spit and rained on them all day! They were good sports about it and decided to stay and just get the work done.

The funny part....London usually complains every time she has to work (which is often out here!) but with 3 handsome older boys she was more than willing to get out there! hee hee

Brigham of course was close at hand and loved the attention. Scott had a little dance with him! lol

We have had a ton of rain! The one good part is that everything is very lush and green. Doesn't all the greenery look amazing? It would have taken us days to do as much as these guys I am so grateful that they came out and helped us!

We promised quad rides once they were done. I though it may have been to wet but they were up for it! It was pouring by this time. They got MUDDY and Very wet and all loved it!

Scott and Tanner

You can't really tell how wet London is but she was soaked!

Of course the biggest kid of them all! He loved to play and get muddy!

Look at the mud in his ears!

Carlin!....he had one very muddy sock!

This was the little thing I made them and brought to church. I stole the idea from a blog for fathers day and just changed it up! Isn't it a cute idea?


Steph said...

Good idea!! Way to utilize those kids (big & bigger)... There really is never ending work in the country... Do u have a garden this year?

Kathy T. said...

Love Service Auctions! Good buy!

Love your Pop Rocks too! Look at you go you crafty woman!

Jocelyn said...

What a blessing you got all that help! hahaha about London not complaining, I cannot blame her. At her age I would have been more than happy to help out! Looks like the day was a blast.

Kristen said...

Fun fun fun!!! Service auctions are so great! It would be so great to have a good group of young men to have at your disposal! I'm sure they loved doing it too.

boysmum2 said...

Service auctions are such fun, should be more of them. Love the cute thank you presents, well done you