Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Backyard Late night visitor

London and I were sitting in the front room when she gets up and stares out the window at what she thought was a cat in the tree! She saw the branches moving and it sure wasn't a cat after all it was a porcupine! We watched it from the living room and then our bedroom.

We called Sean and he got the camera out and went out to see him. He didn't mind us watching him so we took a bunch of pictures and got really close. London warned us to stay back as it can shoot it quills (false they don't). Sitting there it looked just like a Koala. He gripped the tree with his hands and feet and happily ate the bark and new leaves off my tree.

Look at his cute little hairdo!

Brigham then came along and spook him so he climbed further up the tree with ease. What a fun treat to see him.

Walking that little way almost did me in. I have been sick since last Wednesday with body aches the kind that makes your skin hurt and headache turned to fever and vomiting. I wanted to die. On the way back to the house I could barely make it and sadly vomited all over Sean's new shoes which I slipped on for ease. It was awful and gross. Monday I finally went to the ER as my doctor and walk in couldn't see me. In the end after a long wait I am still glad that I went. They did a bunch of test and put my mind at ease...I wasn't dying despite the fact that I wanted too! I did get some great medicine for Nausea in an IV and lots of fluids which I had problems keeping down in the past. The IV was a miracle worker. They did a Chest x-ray and blood work too which turned out Ok. I am still coughing up a lung but I am feeling a bit better. I just need to rest and keep up the fluids now that they topped me up. I really recommend IV's.

I had two Paramedic Student practicing IV's on me but in only took a few tries and they got in! Phew...that was entertainment in it self. Is it me or are student looking younger and younger! They still had baby fat I swear!


Jessica Winchester said...

What a cute fellow! So exciting to see such creatures in our own backyards!! So glad you photograph everything!I love checking out your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa C said...

sorry to hear your feeling so crappy - get better soon

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! Cool pictures of the porcupine. I don't know much about them, so I learned something. I had no idea they climbed trees! - Gicela (for some reason I can't comment with my name!)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that porcupines climbed either but I do know if Brigham chases him he will come home with a face full of quills. Our dog did all the time. I remember Mom and Dad pulling them out of Tips face. Did he learn nope next thing we knew he had more.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is me again., I can't post with my name either . ahhhh!!! Dot

Eva Aurora said...

Just don't feed the porcupine. Maybe they aren't like raccoons, but the dogs won't like getting cozy with it. We had a neighbor who used to feed a whole family of wild raccoons, and they would frequently come to our house and scare the cats and make us all nervous. Big suckers.

I hope you feel better soon! Ty is a believer in IVs, too. When he had severe food poisoning, he felt much better after getting re-hydrated through an IV.

Barb said...

Porcupines are so cute. They have the cutest little pads on their feet!