Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ladies and the Tramp

My brother Micki and his wife Nadine and family came out to visit this last weekend. We had so much fun and perfect weather to boot! We rode quads all day on Saturday. Micki even got to try out the tractor! The little boys rode rode and rode some more. Matty complained at one point how much his finger hurt but he wouldn't stop driving it around. It is so fun having people out that enjoy the farm!

We had a wiener roast and there was enough breeze that even the bugs stayed away. What a perfect day with family! We sure tired everyone out!

London and her Cousin Leah started playing on the tramp and dragged over the basketball net! They had so much fun slam dunking, throwing it while laying down, doing twirls then slamming it ect... I really got some fun shots!

I love this one with the braids flying! I really like how she is more of a shadow and the red shop in the back ground. These ones were shot later in the day that is why there is shadows

Waiting to see if it goes in! Yuppers

doing some hang time on the rim! So many of London's guy friends can do this! It is frustrating when you can't

Leah taking her turn! There was so much giggling going on it was hard to even shoot sometimes!

I love this action shot of Leah falling trying to catch her ball!

We hope we get lots of visitors this summer...come on by everyone!


Randa said...

Sweet! That sounds so fun. Now that is a vertical London!

Stephanie said...

Lovin' those pictures!

Jocelyn said...

fun! So glad your family is close enough that you can see them often