Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini Vacation

Well this is the first year since we have been married that we haven't taken at least a weeks vacation. We love going places and always camp or do some new adventure. Moving in the summer isn't fun! It takes up all you time. I was feeling so stressed we decided to at least try for a mini vacation. So we packed up and went to Couer D'Alene with the Mossey family. We rented a vacation house last minute that was cheaper than it would be for a hotel. VRBO website is amazing. You all have to try it!

The house was two stories. This was the bottom level...much more rustic than the top floor. This ended up being the kids pad! They loved having their own space and we loved them having their own space. It was still really nice. The weird thing about this house was the upstairs and downstairs weren't connected so you had to go out side down the hill to get in.

This is our back yard...a steep hike down and even longer up! It was so beautiful and hot and it was nice to have our own boat launch.

Posing on the pier into the sunshine...lots of squinty eyes. The pier was almost sinking with all of us on and that made Charlie nervous!

There is the house in the back ground. On the last day before we left we tried to pose for pictures.

The gang! It was way too short. It took 8+ hours to get there. We got there early Thursday as we drove part way on Wednesday night. Mosseys got in very late that night. Friday we spent in Silver wood theme park! Very fun! I would go there again. Saturday out in the boat. Both London and I weren't feeling very good so I stayed back and slept in the morning. She was kind of sick the whole vacation. Jack on the way back from Silverwood puked in our car....that was fun! I don't do puke well...ugg. So we spent most of Saturday boating. Sunday was church, walk, supper and games. Then pack up and go on Monday. It was a whirl wind trip. I wish we could have stayed two more days and really enjoyed the lake.

Tyler looks really happy in this picture. I kept wanting more and more pictures and I think he just wanted to pack up and get going! It was a good thing we stayed to help pack up the boat. We drove down to the marina and waited for him to come. He came running down the road because his boat wouldn't we had to take the battery out of his truck and boost it, then drive around again. It was a long morning!

I tried to pile them all up for a creative picture...yeah that didn't work. Dang sun in their eyes!

Waving good-bye!

This was the back yard. It was more mountain like than I imagined it would be. Much like BC very beautiful and full of tree's.

This was an amazing kitchen and I am thinking about kitchens and we are trying to design one for our new house. This stove is amazing!! I think I am going to go with a gas stove top in an island.

More of the inside! Isn't it amazing.

The view from the front window. Much better than a hotel.
It was a wonderful break. Now it is time to get to work on my new place! I am documenting every thing with photos, so get ready!


Eva Aurora said...

That looks like a great place to vacation. I'll have to check out that website!

Kathy T. said...

Wow! Looks like so much fun!