Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bundles of Fun and front door treats!

These are our little kitties born out on the farm. Momma kitty (she has no name sadly as they disappear so quickly so we call her kitty) gave birth in the back barn in a grass pile! We kept searching everyday for them and finally found them. Each day we would traipse out to see them. They are so fun. This little guy got bit by something and his paw swelled up 3 times bigger than his other arm. We thought for a while we would lose him. We poured peroxide on each day and nursed him back to health.

This is when they are still new. I was worried something would eat them back there so we moved them onto the deck so we could keep and eye on them.

Then the trouble started. As it warmed and they grew I brought home plants and filled my deck with pots. They thought I was bringing this beautiful Forest of flowers just for them.
They ruined them quicker than I could plant them. Plus they would climb up and sit in my pots! How could I get mad at there little faces

We use to have 3 like this little guy but during a rainstorm and lousy weather he fell off the deck and froze to death....sigh the life of a farm cat.

Then the surprises started to show up every...yup Every day. I had a new gopher right in front of the door and 4 little kitties gnawing on it! Yuck but good kitties. You had to be careful rushing out the door not to step on something gross!

They played and played in these little boots! So cute! then comes nap time.

Another treat left...notice the head!


broberts said...

so cute....i want a kitty and so does kaedance...haha! too bad my hubby is allergic and doesn't like pets! kaedance and i told him we're getting a kitty regardless when we get a bigger house!!! adorable!

Stephanie said...

I can't even handle farm cats!! I think I would constantly cry, being bitten, eaten, lost, frozen!
BUT, that being said, they are adorable and Sebastian wanted one soooooooooooo bad!

Kristen said...

Umm...yikes! That is GROSS! I don't know if I am cut out for dead animals on my door step. I LOVE baby kitties though!