Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today I was so inspired by Kathy Tanner's blog book. I have done nothing but talk about it since I have seen it. She got her whole blog from the last two years printed out and it was beautiful! I am going to try and blog more so that I have such a great journal to hand down.

I set a goal this year to do 40 blog posts and I see that I am way behind. So I am going to blog more and do it in a journal scrapbook formula. It may be boring to some but my family will one day love it!

Today was a wonderful day in Primary. The kids were kind of crazy and wiggly but it was still fun. Joanne (the Primary President and my organized friend) at the end of primary had me come up. I wasn't expecting it at all so I wasn't prepared. She handed me the most beautiful gift. A book that the kids wrote in and drew pictures for me. Of course I cried. I love those primary kids so much. Heavenly Father knows me so well. I am often sad that although I have a perfect beautiful daughter I would have liked many more children, so because that wouldn't work he put me in primary. The children fill my Sundays so full of love that I am good until the next week.

The book had many kind things written and I will cherish it always. I still remember one of my Primary choristers as a child. Her name was Sister Stanek and she was so wonderful. I just remember how much she loved music and how great she thought we were. I am so grateful for the Gospel that gives us opportunities to serve. Some callings are tough and stretch us and make us grow. Others, like this one I have been blessed to have, fill you and make you full. How blessed am I.


Kathy T. said...

I loved it when Joanne announced that the primary kids could come and give you a hug - they all jumped up - RIGHT THEN - not wanting to wait a second - lucky for you she calmed them down and called them to order - you could have been a the victim of a primary stampede! I'm pretty sure that wouldn't happen with anyone else - you are exceptional, and we're going to miss you!

boysmum2 said...

I have heard the blog books are great. Would love to turn mine into a bok one day. I set my self a challenge in 2008 to blog 366 times in the year! I managed it with I think 377, but somedays I wonder how because nowadays it would be so hard to do!

Joanne said...

ohhhh I am SO glad you like the book. We wanted something that would show the tangible love the kids ( and adults) have for you in this ward. I also loved the almost primary stampede. let's just say my kids are quite traumatized at the thought that you are leaving. know you are loved and always will be remembered!!!!