Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The great bread fiasco!

I decided to get out my mom's old 100 pound wheat grinder and figure out how to make 100% whole wheat bread. I was so excited. I got my friend Christina's recipe and hers was so yummy I thought no problemo! My White bread if I say so myself is super delish! So I ground it up...well you can set the grind, so I thought the coarser the healthier the bread right? So it wasn't at all like flour and I was thinking this is perfect!

So I started dumping in the flour and then started adding even more healthy goodness. We all know we want a healthy colon right? So I added flax seeds and then I thought, Red River cereal, that will be yummy, so I soaked it in some water and threw it in....well my dough felt like porridge. Very healthy and thick porridge. I was worried and added more dough enhancer and gluten. Then I got more worried and added about two cups of white flour at the end to try and save it!
Well, here are the results. It was so heavy I weighed it! And look how flat it was. Sean teased me that it needed to be cut length wise and toasted! One piece filled you up all day! I even made some into Cinnamon buns and shared with Mossey's as they will eat anything!
I guess you really can have too much of a good thing!
* update...Since this event I have made whole wheat again with fine ground flour and less fibre and it was a success!


Eva Aurora said...

My mom had this old stone grinder while I was growing up, and she made all our bread. For years, my view of whole wheat anything was that it was heavy and sat in my stomach like a lump all day. It wasn't until I bought an electric grinder that I realized wheat flour could be just about as light as white.

I bet you could sell your super-colon-blow bread to some health food store and it would become a hit!

Stacey said...

Interesting, I just learned from my Mom that if it's too course it doesn't break it up enough to have the gluten or whatever the stick together substance is and your bread will fall apart. You can really only make bread with the fine ground flour. Intriguing I know. Your bread story is hilarious! I love how it was practically a weapon!