Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Run baby Run

Family Fitness. Dinosaur park is so beautiful. It is really hilly though. I did a few runs last year and my time is usually 33 minutes...this year it was 40!! Yikes I really have let myself slip. I have added about 20 pounds and it really makes it harder. I am so sad that I have let my self slip. That is what happens with me and stress. Moving has really threw me off. I am really trying to get back on the wagon.
The run was so beautiful. It was a nice day after a ton of rain the sun actually shone. It was really hilly though and I didn't do enough training. Next year I am challenging myself to do it again and do better. I didn't quite make it to the end. I started sprinting way to soon as this crazy lady beside me started yelling go go go...and despite my better judgement I tried to sprint way to soon and had for walk the last few feet. I thought I was going to throw up....I am so embarrassed. I finished though even though the paramedics came over to offer me oxygen. I told them no but they continued to hover. This is one of my most embarrassing moments!

Dela ran with the girls. She is so amazing! Always fun when she shows up.

London and Tesha did the 3km run together. I am so glad that London is so sporty and try's out all these competitions. When I was her age I hated gym class and didn't so anything like this. She also participated in the summer games 2010 in Brooks this year. Receiving 1 gold metal and two bronze. Tesha and Alex Wandler and Emily Johnson and London played 3 on 3 basketball. Unfortunately only one other team registered in their age group. They only played with 2 players but they were really good and it was a good challenge for them. They forfeited the second game because they were into other sports that day as well. Then for the 3rd game they were over 15 minutes late and it is only a half hour game so our girls automatically won gold. They wouldn't even play the game then because they were ticked. So we sat there all afternoon....waiting...not playing and I could have been packing!
Her other medals are in Swimming. She is an amazing swimmer and has done really well. I did a 20 km bike which was really hard but good for me and got bronze (only 3 entered in my age group...but I am still bragging and not telling everyone that!) Also Sean and I entered Crib...yup Crib. It was so fun. It was a much younger crowd than I thought. Some how I won bronze in that as well....and yes more than three entered!

Me and my honey. Another good sport. He did amazing! He doesn't run much but has the competition bug obviously as he ran about 32minutes! Didn't stop. Almost killed him the next day he could barely move...my hero!

This is Janet Perkins and Terrie Hager. They are my gym buddies. I just love them. We saw each other at the gym each day for a couple of years. We started working out together maybe a year ago. It has been so much fun. They have really been good friends. We started doing birthday lunches. They taught me how to do my first quilt! Amazing friends I am so lucky I am really going to miss our daily visits...hmmmm I mean work outs.

I love this picture! This is how much fun we have every day! Some days there is way more laughing and chatting going on than weight lifting!


Joanne said...

at least you have the get up and go -to get up and get going because I would love to have that kind of stamina! good for you guys. makin' Brooks proud!!!

Eva Aurora said...

Congrats to everyone! Sounds like a good time was had by all, except for the part where you wanted to puke. Been there.

Randa said...

Yay for having good friends to work out with It makes everything more fun! You guys are amazing with your running and biking and everything. I can bike up to 6 blocks now without my legs burning - a work in progress =)

Stephanie said...

I'm sure that the time IS important to you... but I think just getting out there and doing a great job is awesome!!
That is one thing I am pretty sure I will never be able to say I did ;)