Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things I missed

This Easter I did a 8 day walk with Christ I found on a blog. It was to help me and my visiting teachers and a few special friends try to focus on the true meaning of Easter. Some people really loved it...others I didn't hear from and others are saving it for next Easter. I thought it was a nice idea. I had to brag of some of my craftiness!

London's Parent night basketball game.

Sean in Action reliving his glory days! There was lots of cheating going on with the adults team.

This is some of London's basketball team for Grade 8. On the last day of practice they had a family basketball game. Us oldies against the girls. It was such a fun time! Some of the parents were really quite good...some of us just entertained ourselves thinking we were pretty good!

Dela was a hoot as usual. She is such a fun friend to go to all the games with. Except when we are too loud and get called down to the principal's office and get in trouble! True story. Last year we were so loud at one of the tourney's that we got called and asked to come in. Lucky for me I was in Mexico, and I am an adult so I never did face the Principal! ha

This is London's band night, Beef, bids and bands. They have a great supper and entertainment to raise money to help for their band trips. This year they went to Vancouver and did really great... got a silver. You can actually recognize the songs by grade 8 so all those parents out there, keep it up, it does get better (not nearly the squeaks)

They had an auction so we put Mr. Kidd's name down for the Brooks Bandits underwear...Yup you heard me. You too could get a pair..Weird hey?
Anyway we ended up bidding about $100 for stuff. My company donated a $65 basket
and our meal was $10.00 each. So all in all we saved ummm....nothing but it was fun anyway!

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Joanne said...

you are too funny. I LOVED the easter bag and will definately do it every year. it was the perfect thing for me to get in the spirit of easter each morning. so thank you for your super craftiness and sharing with me!!