Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paintball fun?

We are tougher than we look!

We Went Paintballing with my brother and his family over Easter this year. It was the first time London and I went paintballing so I was looking forward to it! Have you ever gone? OUCH! I, of course was fooling around during the instructions not listening (a.d.d. much) and so when I went in I was so excited. I pulled off about 3 shots and then was pinged in my leg, then knee then back and shoulder....why so many times. I couldn't figure out how to quit...and say I was hit so I stood up and everyone kept shooting. It HURT!!!! It really hurt it must have stung for 10 minutes.

I was thinking this was a big waste of money as I wasn't going to play anymore. It ended up being better outside. The wind slowed them down and I got better at hiding. I don't think I would do it again. I had a good time but now I can say I have done it. I don't get the draw of crawling around and shooting each other. Sean loved it and has done it many times. London was half and half. All in all it was fun hunting down family members and inflicting pain ;0)

London's first hit was on her neck...Yikes! We teased her for days as it changed different colors that it was a hickey! She almost quit after the first hit but she kept going like a trooper!

They called me Vance....because that is what my coverall said! Thanks to a donation from Vance Cook ages ago I finally made use of them. Now I totally love coveralls...I think they are amazing!

A family that shoots together stays together

**** Just a note. It is 3am I went to sleep at midnight woke up just after 1 and couldn't sleep. I haven't slept for days because of the stress of trying to move and find a house in 25 days! So the good thing is I did 3 posts tonight so you need to go to the older posts to hear all about my bread and basketball news!


Stephanie said...

First off I think you look verrrrry tough ;)
Secondly - ya OUCH!!!

Joanne said...

yup, same experience on my 10 year wedding anniversary. talk about celebrating in style eh???

Kathy T. said...

You do look mighty fine in those coveralls!! Hot mamma! I've done the "healthy bread" before I don't think we've recovered yet... Good luck with the house hunting - It will all work out. Hang in there. (Try some melatonin at night for some good sleeping.) Oh, and thanks for the Easter eggs - I'm planning on using them again next year.

Randa said...

Paint ball is outright painfull!!! Both times I went I got hit on my fingers like 5 seconds in and it hurts so much I drop my gun and then I get pummelled. No more I learned my lesson! I am sad you are going but I hope you find a house to love =)