Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Organizing my house

I love September!  It seems like the beginning of the year!  So I always set goals and try to get organized.  When I was a young and newly married I had a cleaning schedule.  Through the years I just did it.  I am finding that I am just not getting every nook and cranny so I decided to make a schedule again.  I have a monthly and weekly things to do to keep up.  Kathy wanted to see a copy so here it is.  I hope it help someone or inspires you.  I just love how everything is broken down to reasonable chunks!
Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Monday:  Laundry Day:

·        Gather towels, change sheets, do all clothing

·        Clean fridge out and wipe down all appliances

·        Grocery shopping day


·        Vacuum

·        Dust

·        Wash floors


·        Wash down high traffic area’s

·        Clean front porch

·        Bathrooms


·        Vacuum and de-clutter house


·        General tidy

·        Clean cars and outside stuff


·        Deep clean rooms

·        Bathrooms cleaned


·       Make menu’s

Monthly cleaning schedule

January:         Porch and Closets

February:       Kitchen and living room

March:           Basement, light fixtures and wastebaskets

April:              Bathrooms, laundry room and under sinks

May:               Bedrooms

June:               Porch and closets

September:  Kitchen and living room

October:        Basement, light fixtures, wastebaskets

November:    Bathrooms, laundry room and under sinks

December:    Bedrooms and books

* Each month I do everything in this room.  Like pull out appliances clean off the back of them.  This is my deep deep clean.  Washing walls and every corner.  As you see each room is down twice a year.


Jocelyn said...

Oh my goodness, I am SO lazy!

Kathy T. said...

Ohhh, I love it! Thank-you, I'm so inspired! I like how you broke it all down for me - it's not so overwhelming. There's hope yet!

Eva Aurora said...

I felt both incredibly inspired and very tired at the same time. I should remember that you've broken it into very reasonable chunks, and when I'm reading your whole list at once it doesn't mean all of it needs to be done at once. Do you mind if I copy and use this?

Wes and Amanda said...

I love your idea for each month...way better than grouping EVERYTHING into spring cleaning! Thanks for sharing!