Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's all about me!

I borrowed this from my friends blog.  I hope she doesn't mind. 

A. age : 40

B. bed size : King and it is crowded because of our little Shih-tzu, Blossom.  She takes the whole middle (about the size of a queen bed) and Sean and I cling to the edges

C. chore that you hate :  I don't know, there are so many....Cleaning but especially the bathrooms. They gross me out!

D. dogs : 2 dogs, 3 cats plus lots of neighbour cats, 2 goats, 6 chickens,6 exotic chickens a bunch of sticky dozy flies.

F. favorite colour : Man, there are so many I love, but especially darker colors like burgundy and royal blue? 

G. gold or silver : Silver

H. height : 5 Foot 5 Inches but if you ask, in my mind, I am at least 5"6'

I. instruments you play : I played the clarinet in high school, I own a guitar that one day I will play amazingly well, especially around the fire.  I played piano for 10 years but most of my talent has just disappeared.  I dream of a church calling that asks me to play piano because then I will practice.

J. job title : Mom and CEO of my own bookkeeping company....I can call myself anything right!?

K. kids : 2 London 14  and Samantha 12

L. live : Medicine Hat, AB on a 22 acre little farm

M. mother’s name :Camille

N. nicknames :  I don't have a lot of nick names.  Sean calls me Kimmy sometimes.  I used to be frog growing up as I swam so much, I got a green tinge to my skin.

O. overnight hospital stays : OK, giving birth,  hysterectomy, lost count but I think like 7 times I got a laprascope to get rid of my endometriosis, adenoids when I was a kid, and my teeth once when I was a kid because I bit the dentist!

P. pet peeves : When they ask if you want ketchup at the drive through, then, when you get there they don't give it to you.  Or when you call the bank or something and you have to enter all your info, say your name and account number etc.  Stay on hold 2 hours and when you finally talk to someone, they ask all the same questions again and say that it isn't on the screen in front of them!

Q. quote from a movie : There's plenty of money out there. They print more every day. But this ticket, there's only five of them in the whole world, and that's all there's ever going to be. Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money.

I'm not a witch, I am your wife!

R. right or left handed : Right

S. siblings : 2 brothers, I am the youngest

T. time you wake up : 6:00 am. I love mornings and I love evenings...its the afternoon that is the problem.

U. underwear : Yes, I wear underwear

V. vegetable you hate : onions

W. what makes you run late : me, I don't seem to be able to get it together.  My family loves to be early. I am usually late!

X. x-rays you’ve had : Teeth, boobs, legs and chest

Y. yummy food that you make : Most famous for caramel popcorn, sugar cookies and chocolate pudding cake.  I love to bake!  I have 1000 more things to make from pinterest

Z. zoo animal : Ummm....I love so many.  I once saw two Kangaroo's hugging, that's what people around told their kids :0)

I would love to hear all about you!  Do it if you have a blog or leave me a message. 


Kathy T. said...

I totally cracked up picturing you biting the dentist!

Chelsea has to go under to get two teeth pulled because she wouldn't stop crying/screaming. Super-fun times!

Anonymous said...

Your cinnamon buns are killer too, and your normal dinner just have the best buns! I miss your beautiful, lucious, yummy, yummy buns Kimara! There have never been buns like yours in the neighborhood since you left. I miss you and your buns.

JRoberts said...

SOunds like you like that part in the kitchen I like...dessert! :)

I make food for my family, but truly LOVE dessert! :)

boysmum2 said...

lovely I got to know so much more about you, plus I already knew where you lived as I looked it up on google maps one time to see exactly where in Canada you were.

Cindy M said...

very informative--I am going to use it on my staus--- what happened to E