Sunday, October 16, 2011

Look up way up!

We rented a lift to trim off the tops of our trees.  If you remember last year we had cut down about 60 trees and this was the final stage in treedom.  They were really dead on top and very high up, so we called and had the lift delivered on a Friday in September.  I made Sean wear a helmet so that he wouldn't get bashed in the head.  He didn't really want to but did it for me.  So he got one tree done and moved to the next area.  I had to go into town so I left him there on his own, promising to be back soon.  I arrived an hour later to find him in the same spot!  I was shocked that it was taking so long to get things done! I waited in the drive way for him to move so I could come in.  He didn't and was gesturing angrily for me to get out of the car.  It ends up he was stuck at the top. It wouldn't go down or move anywhere.

After I stopped laughing, he wanted me to do the controls down on the bottom and get him down.  He was getting angry as it was hot, hot, hot!  Over 30+ and he was thirsty.  Well, it wouldn't budge from the bottom either.  I went in and called Jack (father in law) first and then the rental company.  The rental company thought we were idiots and didn't know what we were doing.  If they were talking about me, I would agree but Sean had used one of these before and it wasn't budging.  So they were sending a guy out to magically get him down with the touch of one button or so they thought. 
Jack arrived, thank goodness. Now the pressure was off me.  He tried the buttons and they didn't work for him either.  I was glad in one way cause then I wasn't an idiot either.  We tried over and over to throw a water bottle up to him only to have it burst every time it hit the bottom.  It was too high up.  Jack got a rope and a board and tried and tried, over and over and finally got it up to him.  So we got him a drink and things were a little better for Sean.
Well, long story short, two extra people, a company mechanic and 3 hours later Sean finally got down.  They had to bleed the valve to get it to go down.  Poor guy, what a waste of a day!  So of course they didn't have any other lifts in stock so we had to wait about 3 weeks before we could do it again.
These pictures are of the second time around.  We all had to have a ride in it!  This is me freaking out at the height and how wiggly it was!  I didn't last very long.  The whole family worked to pick up all the twigs and branches he dropped.  It was hard work but it felt good to get it done as a family!
There is Sam lugging a log.  We will make a farm girl out of her yet!  She disappeared every few minutes to go see the animals but we would drag her back and make her work some more!
London and her dad!  They work really well together.  He makes her do everything.  Man, anyone that gets her for an employee will be lucky. She does know how to work hard!  She loved hanging out on the lift and didn't mind the heights at all.

If you look close, this is London trying to get a big stuck branch out.
It is stuck good. Finally dad has to help her!
Pita and Milly were out eating all the leaves that fell.  They are such social butterflies.  We have to lock them up because they live right beside the house and do their business.  They don't wander anywhere so it drives me nuts!

Trying to get as much done Friday night as we can .  Aren't these beautiful sunset shots!

Sam's turn up in the bucket.  She liked the heights as well.  I guess I am the only chicken in the family.  Grandpa didn't want to go it...maybe he is a closet chicken?

 Grandpa got his chain saw out and sawed up a bunch of wood.  He is a hard worker and we love having him here.  He has been going into the woods cutting up wood every day.  We sure have enjoyed this beautiful fall.


Jocelyn said...

Poor Sean! That sucks. Glad that you got them all done eventually though. And no, you are not the only chicken. I am always a bit freaked too.

Kathy T. said...

That does not sound fun - poor Sean is right!

Good for you guys - I guess I know where to come if we need firewood ;)

Stacey said...

I can't believe that! That stinks for Sean but I can see how that was funny at first. The fact that it took all day on a hot day sounds a little uncomfortable... If that was Lane, there would've been nothing but a pink, red, crispy chip left.