Monday, April 11, 2011

Long cold winter activities

My first successful Crochet project was a hat! Thank goodness for the Internet in helping me. I took that one hat and have worked it many different ways. I created many of my own little hats and I love doing them. I am hoping others will love them too as the plan is to sell them!
These are my crochet totes! I use them to haul around all my yarn. Why the sudden interest in Crochet? I joined the greatest club ever! It is the Fibre Arts Club here in Medicine Hat. I get full access to all the goodies, such as looms and dying kits, spinning wheels, etc. I even have a wonderful mentor for whatever project I want to learn. Peggy Moore is mine and I just love her! I love weaving. I have woven a scarf, two dish towels (darn I need a picture), and now I am working on a jacket! It is so fun. Now I always have a project on the go.

What a cute model hey? I just wanted to show off everything I made.

Cute head bands and my favorite slouchy hat! These are so warm.

Man, Dad is so funny! I love his smile in this one! He didn't want to be missing out of the modelling action.

London is holding little kids hats. I need to make a bunch more of them because we always buy stuff for our kids right?

I love this scarf! I am so happy with the way it turned out. I had some difficulty at first but after taking it out 100x, I finally got the pattern right and even

This is the scarf I wove! I love it. It is very thick and soft.

Well, this is a lot of yarn used. I was constantly crocheting at basketball games and in front of the TV. This isn't all of it as many have been given away.

London wore one of my hats out and got great reviews.


Jocelyn said...

You have been a busy woman! They look great. I love the one of your dad in his hat. He reminds me of a Russian, except he's smiling. Hopefully the heat of Phoenix will be good for you!

Stacey said...

They look amazing! I want a slouchy hat! You've made so many and they're all so different! You're amazing. I think 'perfection and patience' should be added to a list of your personal descriptive words. ;)

Anonymous said...

wow! how do u find the time, they are all beautiful, as are your models :)

Steph said...

They look so good - great job Kimara!
side note: i am loving how long london's hair is getting!!!

Joanne said...

so fun and I'm also loving the slouchy hat and that pic of your dad---priceless.

Anonymous said...

I love the gray slouchy hat! I've been obsessing over library books about spinning and weaving - wish I lived close enough to join your fiber arts club.
Lisa C

Christina said...

Okay I have never posted or commented and am technically challenged in this regard. LOVED your hats and scarfs, and seeing your family! What an amazing talent, and learning to card wool?
Hope you all got home safely, I kept hoping you would call and say you were sending Sean home without you and London and would could be lazy by the pool! Would you please send me your email address? I am
Come stay next year if you want! XO

Anonymous said...

Very nice! My favorite is the first picture of London with the orange hat and red flower on it. It looks great on her. I also can't believe how long her hair is.

Amy M.