Monday, April 4, 2011

Service Project.....blackness and mooning the masses!

We live in an area of great flooding the last few years. Poor Irvine 20 km south of us (I think) has lost so much last year in flooding, only to have the wettest spring, more snow fall facing them and flooding is looming again. Our Stake President, Bruce Hill, saw a need and volunteered us as members to fill it! We filled over 12000 sandbags the other Saturday, many of which were placed around houses to protect them from rising waters. I was worried that the work would be too heavy but it was great! I was the bag holder and chief tyer in my little area of a couple people! lol The only thing was, boy, did we get dirty, as you can see!

Sean was busy until noon so I thought we would just go later but London was up and ready prodding me along to go early! So she and I went and I am so glad that she encouraged me to go. It is such a good feeling doing service. It was nice to see a lot of people we don't get to see very often and talk and laugh with each other. Service is amazing and I know I need to do more in my life. It is important to forget my problems and go out and get it done!

I was wearing a toque and so when I took it off, watch out! So funny. There are no pictures of London because she is a cool cat teenager and washed it all off on the way home...spoil sport! She was plenty dirty as well. She is such a hard worker. I am impressed with her.

Ok, funny story with these. Almost my first time down I felt them rip. They are big pants so there should have been lots of room....but the way I squatted down ripped them, I guess. The bad part is, I never really looked. I felt a cold breeze but I just ignored it. It wasn't until we were home and Sean picked them off the floor and asked me if I wanted to throw them out. I said well I don't think so it is just a little rip I can mend...he then brought them around the corner and I almost died! LITTLE>>>YIKES I walked around all day, squatted everywhere and ate my lunch on the floor with my legs sprawled out! The only way I could ever return to Church is telling myself I had a really long coat and no one saw my entire butt hanging out. It was half way down my leg for goodness sake! I just pray that everyone was busy working and not peeking....surely someone would have told me if they saw right?


Steph said...

HAHAHAHA that looks like it would have been quite the breeze!
i love your dirty (tan) line!!

Kathy T. said...

I love that you took pictures! I tried to coerce Russ into letting me take a picture - he refused!

I think the pants are crazy. I would have told you. I hope you guys have a fantastic time on your trip.

Brandy K. said...

These are great! I also love the touque line!
AND those pants are the icing on the cake for this post for sure! I definitely would have told you, but only after letting you enjoy the "breeze" for a lil' bit *wink*

Joanne said...

that is awesome. way to let it all hang out!!!!! wish I could have joined you in getting down and dirty too. maybe next time!!!

Jocelyn said...

London worked so hard that day! Did you have to scrub for hours too to get all the little grits out? Well worth it though. Especially because the Ross Creek did spill it's banks.

And I didn't see anything, but I was not looking. So if someone dares to make a comment, just ask them why they were looking!

mishel said...

My favourite thing about this post is the happiness you can see in your eyes! I love what happens to us as we serve others. Thanks fir your example!

Barbara said...

I dig your new tan (must be the burn you got for your trip! lol) butt I'm not sure about those jeans!!!!

Anonymous said...

love it! Getting down and dirty together :)