Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter to Me!

Here is the man picking up all my babies at the place they were delivered! Thanks Co-op! I had to get a picture of the beginning of them in my life, so I drove all the way to town for this picture! They were even cuter than I thought the little yellow balls of joy!

The first time they meet grandpa! He was cooing and loving them as well! No one can resist their cuteness!

see...don't you just want to squish them! I did! If you feel the urge come on over for a cuddle!

Still in the box! I can't believe 50 fit into one box.

Blossoms first peak at the babies!

Doing the adjusting of the brooder making sure they are warm enough. My friend was so kind to let me use her paddling pool. Did you know you can't find any in April? Sean went to every store in the city. You would think we live in Canada or something!

We had to take each one out of the box one at a time and dip their beaks into the water. They were all very thirsty! Poor babies. I wonder how long they are in the box before they get here, a whole day?
They all found the food right away as well they are hungry little guys.

Blossom would sit here all day if I would let her. At one point she got so excited she jumped in with them. I had to bribe/threaten her to make her leave the chicks when it was time to go. Then she sat outside the chicken coop door once I got her out and didn't want to come into the house. She loves babies just as much as the rest of us.

Come on over if you want to see them. Our little ducklings come next Thursday!


broberts said...

we raised chickens growing up. one spring i killed at least half of the lot (one of my lowest moments). i think i over-filled their watering thing and they ended up getting soaking wet and freezing. we pulled out all the hair dryers in the house and tried our best to save as many of them as we could. ugh...i wanna cry all over again. so...lesson learned, right? they are so cute, though!

Joanne said...

you CRACK me up !!! I love your new babies and one day next week maybe I"ll bring the kiddlets to see your newest family cutenessess.

Kathy T. said...

Chicks are cute! If only they stayed small...

I think Blossom is hilarious. So funny that she is so interested.