Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Little Meep Meep

I went out on the deck to read one afternoon after too much sunshine by the pool when I heard rustling beside me. It sounded big, so I was nervous thinking it was going to be a big lizard when this little guy jumped out of the bush right at my feet!

It is a road runner..a very friendly one at that. I couldn't believe he was right there and right beside me was my camera. I was trying to get a picture of the humming birds. This was even better. I slowly moved to my camera talking softly to him, hoping he wouldn't spook before I could get some pictures of him.

After I got quite a few pictures, I called London out to bring crackers as he seemed interested in us enough to come and get something. Sure enough he came right over and took a cracker. It was so fun. They move so funny! He even talked to us at one point, which is a really funny sound of his beak and tongue flapping together really quickly.

We called him meep meep. We found out he is a meat eater so I think he was really interested in the steaks on the BBQ but he would accept a cracker. He stayed with us about 10 minutes then wandered off. Boy, I am glad it wasn't a lizard that big. I would have really screamed!

The weather has been so beautiful here at home the last couple of days, I am not even missing our vacation days as much!


Joanne said...

ahhh that little guy is cute. too bad you couldn't have brought him home but then again he drive your meat/grocery bill way way up!!!

Jocelyn said...

I always thought they were fake birds. guess not. I would have peed my pants if it was a lizard. Not a fan of those.