Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sweetheart hair

I found this website when I was blog surfing. I posted it a couple of posts ago with London's St. Patricks day hair. I realized I still didn't post the valentine's hair do! I actually used a needle and thread and sewed her hair up! I needed all the hands I could get to get this one done. How cute is that!!! Didn't it turn out good? I just love it! I need to be able to do it on myself! lol Can you imagine using that big needle on your own wouldn't turn out well!


Steph said...

I will have to try that out sometime for sure!

Kathy T. said...

You have a brave girl! Pretty sure my girls would bolt if they saw me with a needle and ribbon - now I think about it - they bolt even if they see me with a hairbrush!

Looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

You do such fun stuff for every holiday!