Sunday, April 3, 2011


So spring has sprung yet again on the prairies! I seriously can't believe how much it snowed yesterday. I call this picture the road to hell....I know it must be paved with snow..that is why I am working so hard not to go there! lol All day yesterday it snowed and snowed....Sean shovelled the walk several times and you would never know! An hour later it was filled back in. We stayed home to watch conference on the computer and it kept freezing. It was still amazing, but I know I have to watch it over again...which I do anyways. Last night it knocked the power out all over for several hours so London and I played games by candle light.

Please please please be the last snow fall of the year. I was actually seeing grass and my driveway was dry. At least I am going to Phoenix tomorrow for 10 days....see ya! mawwwhahahahah ( evil laugh)


Kathy T. said...

That is a crazy road! Hope you have fun in Arizona and I'm not the least bit jealous, at all, even a little bit, I love the snow... (sigh)

Jocelyn said...

I have no way to complain, you got way more snow out there than we do! And we are really just across the river from you. Enjoy the heat of Phoenix!

Mindy said...

YIKES! I heard those roads were pretty scary out there! Glad you were able to snuggle up and watch conference! Technology CAN be really great!

Steph said...

have a fabulously WARM/HOT/DELICIOUS trip.. i am verrrrry jealous.
and so glad you didn't have to go with a broken ankle :P