Sunday, April 24, 2011


One of our favorite things with going to Phoenix is watching our Phoenix suns! We are even designing our bathroom downstairs around them (with Coby Briant's face on the toilet! hee hee..I am serious!) We were down there for 10 days and we were so disappointed that they only had one game when we were there! It was so fun. London sporting her orange shoes just for them!

Posing with some of our favorites.

I have to admit Americans can do sports well. There is palpable feeling of excitement when you get into the stadium. I love it! We got great seats! Our closest yet, row 20 on the floor! It was further up than I imagined. We still didn't need to look at the jumbo tron. We could see their facial expressions and everything with our own eyes. It was awesome! One of these days we are going to get floor seats! We want the players to actually sweat on us!

We got there early to watch the warm ups. They always send out a few rookies and we all crowd around waiting for them to come and sign an autograph if you are lucky! Last year we had Earl Clark put his arm around London which was exciting but he isn't a big player yet. This year we hit the Jackpot!!!

Jared Dudley was on the floor! He is part of the starting line! Woohooo! So exciting! I can't even believe it. He was practicing and the other guy Josh Childress was on the floor. He came over and signed autographs but Jared started to walk out. Lucky for London and all the other fans there she has a very loud mom! I was yelling Jared..Jared please, please come sign an autograph. He shook his head and still was almost off the floor when I threw in Please...come on we are from Canada we love, love, love you and my daughter has been waiting to meet you!!! PLLEEEAASSSEEEE!! He smiled at me and came over and signed hers and a couple others and then left! Phew....I am so glad. He played amazing that night and was a star!

Look at that grin!

There's our main man, Steve Nash! He is so amazing! We love him!

Yup, you are #1!!! The game was so amazing. I was so impressed. We really got a bang for our buck as it went into overtime and of course the Suns won!

Look how good our seats were. I am getting so excited just looking at the pictures again. We have never been a family to watch sports until London started to play BB. Then we went to a Suns game 3 years ago and fell in love, so even now we don't watch every game. Life is too busy but we watch some and just love it! So this is big time exciting for us!

Figuring out how to win it in overtime!

We did it! Dudley was player # 3 and as you can see made 26 points...yippee! It was because he met London!

At the end of the game, the kids can go onto the floor and shoot. I was thinking London might think she is too old for this now but I was wrong...we started to walk out but she mentioned it a couple of times so I knew she wanted to go! Look how tall she is compared to the other kid! Man she should play pro ball! lol

I love this shot. look at the double exposure! I love the way she is getting ready!

UP UP UP....and of course you know what happens next... or did it? I will never tell! She got to touch the ball Nash and the team touched. How awesome is that. It took all my self control to not push my way onto the floor so I could do it too!


Steph said...

That is one bathroom I can't WAIT to see!!!

Kathy T. said...

I love how you got the guy to come back and sign! Way to go Mamma!

Hope you guys had a great Easter!

Niki said...

That is way cool :) :)

Jocelyn said...

Nothing like watching the best side of Steve Nash! L's middle name is Nash after him. So sweet that London got to shoot on the field!

Oh and I can just hear you calling out! Made me laugh (not at you, with you) when I read it!