Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wet and Juicy Kisses/

While we were in Phoenix we researched places we wanted to visit. This looked fun so we went. It was a cooler day in Phoenix...but we didn't think how much cooler it would be 2 hrs north. We froze our hiney's off! brrrr. This cost about $120 to get in with the special tour...but the two hoodies we had to buy was $70 extra! It was too far away to go to another store so London and Sean bought one as we were freezing! It was 10 degrees but in shorts and with a big wind...I thought I would die. This is called a Unimog. It was so fun! We payed the extra $15 each and it was so worth it. They gave us cookies at the beginning of the tour that you could feed some of the animals. Everyone liked the cookies (they were made out of soy so they were safe from Sean)! They came in droves to eat them. So, are Zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes? I got the answer and the babies are brown...cute....but mean! They bite so we were warned to stay away from them. The one could even open the door.

Here is the sloppiest kisser of all! Beware!!! Sloppy kisses ahead.

They gave us these cookies and said you could put them into your mouth and let the animal take them. They didn't warn us how slimy it was. I was the first one to dare try it. I loved it! Only one other person on the tour besides our family did it. The rest put it in their hand....chickens!

See how happy Sean looks...looks like love to me.

London's first official kiss besides us...he even used the tongue! much for her trip. I told her if she made it to sweet 16 and never been kissed, I would take her on a trip somewhere in the world of her choice. The deal is off.

Look how long! In every picture I close my eyes. I guess I always do when I kiss.

I was so good he is coming back for more!

The one other guy I convinced to try it!

Pucker up loverboy!

This is Humprey the camel! He had the softest lips....I liked kissing him. They were so soft and he was gentle.

The tiger wanted to be petted so bad...she rubbed herself up and down the fence. They are so cute. I didn't try to give her a kiss.

This is my favoritest picture! Look at that tongue and the look on her face!!!!!

The End.....I love Giraffe bums

*side note. I have tons of pictures to share I have to put lots on as this is my journal and scrapbook combined. You comments are my favorite thing. I am publishing the last couple of years into a book and I have saved your comments in it as they always make me smile. So thanks for your comments it means a lot to me.


kimara said...

I am still waiting for them to call me....I thought after a kiss like that they would call for sure!

Jocelyn said...

I love the look on all your faces! How fun! I am so happy that your family took this time out for yourselves! What a wonderful vacation with amazing memories.

I wish my bum looked that cute wrinkly.

I hope you keep posting tons of pictures, I love seeing them!

All good things said...

Well, that was unique and not quite what I expected! :)

Brandy K. said...

Those are such fantastic pictures! Mine and the girls' favorite thing at the San Diego Zoo was feeding the giraffes...BUT we definitely weren'e lucky enough to get kisses from them! haha

sarah said...

I had no idea you were so into PDA's! Your trip looks wonderful!

Jocelyn said...

Oh and I think the deal should still be on. Unless all she's going to do is date animals then it would be off.

Kathy T. said...

You think with all that practice the animals would be better kissers...

Looks like a crazy-fun time!

Joanne said...

you guys totally got your groove on!!!should have set up a kissing booth and made your money back in kisses.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I can't believe the other people didn't try to feed them crackers out of their mouths. It's a once in a life time experience.

Amy M