Saturday, May 28, 2011

The big 40!

Well I really got spoiled for my birthday. This year I am the big 40 and I am very sad to be 40! I am starting to feel better about it but the days leading up to it were really rough! I cried a lot. I know that is silly as it is just a number but I look at accomplishment and goals not met and the impact I have had on my part of the world...very small so now I am just motivated to do much better! As far as family and friends they were amazing for my birthday it has gone on for weeks!
On the actual day I got a e book reader which I am so excited about! I love love love it. It has been many years of Sean trying to convince me that I would like one and me saying there is nothing like holding a book! I must say it is convenient no more late books or waiting for books so now I am sold! I got spoiled with lots of love and goodies. My friend Ghuenda even took time from her day to come and bring me some chocolate and a lovely present. That was so nice. The time that took and the hug and the remembering meant everything to me! We had a busy day that day so we just grabbed subway and hung out.

The weekend was full of surprises I went to Brooks to go out for supper with friends and they held a surprise birthday party for me! I didn't suspect that! It was so nice to spend time with my old friends that I love so much and not be forgotten. Some special friends were missing but I know they had other things going on! I got spoiled again with some beautiful and many funny gifts! I got BENO because they heard I was Farty! hehehhehee. Amy did a beautiful letter of the top 40 reasons she loves me as her friend. It made me cry and I will cherish it always. Also they played Family Feud game all about me! It was so kind and fun for Amy and Tyler to do that for me!

For the Long weekend we get together with my side of the family and celebrate every ones birthdays! There are lots of them. My Uncle Wes and Aunt Lue from way up in Fort Kent came and my Favorite Cuzzy Pearl-Ann and her daughter Stacey and her two boys. It was so fun! They mocked my old age too. The "40 sucks" I loved! Plus I love that kind of sucker.

Pearl-Ann do 40 age related fortunes in these fortune cookies! I am totally going to steal this one! loved it!

My Aunt Lue and Uncle Wes made me this lovely sign which is still out! I thought it was really funny! WE ate we visited, we ate, we visited, we get the idea. It was a lot of fun. I got some amazing gifts. I love the homemade ones especially! I will post pictures as they are amazing! I love my family so much!

This is Pearl -Ann and her grand baby Grady. She is an amazing women. She has so many talents and is so fun to be with. She is also my travel buddy. She made me the most beautiful garden spirit which is way to nice to go outside so it is in my living room.

Isn't this the cuties little guy! Look at those dimples! he can get away with anything this one!

Porter is a little cutie as well. He is so good. He will play for hours by himself with Lego. He is one smart cookie! They were in a house full of adults but they were so good!

This is my Uncle Wes and Aunt Lue and I can't believe I don't have a better picture. They are so amazing. My Aunt Lue is my mom's sister and ever since my mom died she has adopted me and one of her own. She is always so good to me. I love them both so much!


Randa said...

Now Kimara you know that 40 is the new 30!! It was a sweet party and it was fun to get to visit again. With your renewed motivation forty will be your best year ever!
Apparently blogger wants to say I am anonomous! Its Randa anyway =)

Anonymous said...

40 is great. Just "wait" it gets worse. lol
Not sure what you want to accomplish in your life but I think you have done alot. A best wife, mother, friend, niece, sister, daughter. Losing all that weight and running in marathons. Great roll model for London and others. A very kind happy person who loves to laugh no matter what life throws you. Proud of you Kimara.

Dot said...

It's me

Jocelyn said...

How nice of you to have so much family around to celebrate your birthday. What a great support for you.