Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easter break fun!

During Easter break we had quite a few people come out to see the chicks! I know it wasn't us that got everyone so excited! It was so fun to have everyone out! We love company! This is Dela riding Sean's new tractor! I got pictures of her vroom, vrooming just to bug Sean! That is his baby!

Dela being sexy!

I love this picture because of the look on London's face! She is enduring Brigham's kisses. He gets a little over enthusiastic sometimes! friends.

This is so funny! Our outside toilet that we installed! We do have one inside but it seems everyone likes outdoor plumbing!

Hee hee point and laugh! These are all the beautiful Huber girls. It was fun to hear of all the crazy things they did on their farm growing up!

The favorite barn shot! Sadly, we had a bit of an incident with big slivers....lots of tears. Our farm isn't so fun after all!

Dela chose the little quad! She refused to get on with Sean, saying he is way too crazy of a driver! This is just her speed! I thought it was so funny! Had a great laugh that day.

Look at the speed demon!

Suzie and Alex ready for the ride! I love how the gold helmet glitters in the sun! I love the 70's!

Getting everyone gassed up and ready to go!

Teesha on the Odyssey. She can really go for a fast ride on this one!

Hanna jumped on for a ride with London.

Off they rode into the sunset with Brigham running behind.


Joanne said...

OH the fun life on the farm. i'm coming .... soon. I hope. can't wait to see the chickies and duckies and maybe get some slivers too!!!

Anonymous said...

We had soooo much fun and the slivers were soon forgotten! Thanks so much for having us out. We loved it, especially Matthias. And now one of his favourite things to do is pee outside whenever he can!