Monday, May 30, 2011

Going on a Goat Walk

Yup you read it right...a goat walk! I looked at our dog harnesses and thought
I bet that would fit out goats and by golly it did!

The dogs were herding them along. The goats didn't want to go for a walk...they loved the green grass but didn't like getting pulled along!

Meet Pita (brown one about 4 months old) and Milly a yearling. They are the newest members of our family. They miniature Pygmy goats aren't they so cute! I just love having them around.

I love this picture of London and Pita! Pita needed to smile for the camera though!

Milly headbutted Brigham a couple of times which I thought was great but it still didn't seem to beat any sense into him! They are so loud. If they hear the door open they start crying for us to come over and bring them some grass. It is so funny! I am going to tape record it so you can hear how loud they are.

This is my Cousin Pearl- Ann she though it was fun to take them out and her grandson Porter liked to feed them dandelions. She is a storyteller...professional...really! This picture looks like she is telling one of her tall tales!

We got these guys at the livestock sale. I was excited to get some. They have been hard to find. They were older than I wanted but this fall we can get Milly breed and by next spring...babies! I had to rip Pita away from her mother in this stall and take her out when we bought her. She was crying.....MMMMAAAAAAAA it sounded just like it and the mother was trying to climb out after her and was also crying was so sad and loud. When Sean looked over at me he was like "why are you bawling?" I wanted him to go back and buy the mother so they didn't have to be separated but he wouldn't. I felt really bad! She is happy now and I am sure her mother has forgotten all about her.


Jocelyn said...

Oh your goats are so cute! I hear you on wanting to go back and get the momma. I would have bawled too!

Mindy Halladay said...

Ahhh...I would be crying too! I love the pics of Londson. She is such a cutie! YAY! I can post comments today!

Lisa C said...

oh, they are too cute!