Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ducks first bath and more visitors!

The Mossey kids came for a visit to see all the animals! They aren't really into animals...thanks to their parents the animal haters, lol! Mattie liked them the best. Who can resist such a cute little duck anyways?

Adam liked them as well.

Looking back on these pictures I can't believe how much everyone is grown. I will put up an update soon.

Jarom snuggling with a duck who doesn't' want to be cuddled with!

The Miller Crew also came for a visit! We had so much fun with the birds and especially with the quads!

Two hot chicks!

It was an exciting day the ducklings got to have their first swim! Duckings will drown if they are put into deep water. It takes weeks before their natural oil comes to the feathers that makes them water proof so they can float. They loved getting their little feet wet! They didn't like blossom nosing in on their swim!

Awwww....I needed to take video so you could watch. Aren't they so cute!

more snuggling

Finally all settled in we can get a cute picture of them both

Jocelyn's first time riding a quad by herself! She is already an expert. We are so excited the Millers are coming out again for a day of quading and BBQing! We had a service auction in the ward for the YM and YW organization and they bid and one the day at the farm. It will be lots of fun!

Yup another famous barn shot!


Steph said...

Looks like a bunch of quacks to me!! Hehe jj. I will admit I'm a tad afraid of ducks. My aunt had a duck named "bill the duck" and he really was just mean and traumatizing!!

Jocelyn said...

I love the one of M and the duck where she was looking at you! That was fun! Thanks for teaching me how to quad! I loved it, don't know why I was so chicken!