Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My friends Lisa and Randa from Brooks came for a visit during the Easter break as well. We were so excited to have them and the kids come spend the afternoon with us.

London showing the chicks her rings. They just love pecking at shinny objects!

Lots of cuddles were given

I love this picture! What a crazy grin! Kyan liked to squish the little birdies!

Watching out for big brother.

Josh in the background watching. Yet another chick and face picture!

Ummmm.....remember London I am your baby! Brigham feels very displaced by London's chick and duck love!

Country girl through and through!

Smiles all around.

Where is the pictures of Josh and Taylor? hmmm....they must not have wanted to sit on the edge or Lisa maybe thought they would jump!

Country girl in the making.

After playing with the chicks we went for a quad ride. Everyone piled in we had a great little tour of the yard!

loaded ready to go!


Steph said...

ummmm although very cute pics of the children & lovely to see visitors. i am waiting to see the hidden treasure left at your house!!!

Susanne said...

Looks like fun. You are so gracious sharing what you have.

Lisa C said...

thanks again for having us out - best day ever.

Randa said...

He he he that kyan is a bit obsessed with the chicks. Hopefully not foreshadowing! It was super fun coming out to play girlie. We are totally gonna hit you up next time we go in for shopping again. : )