Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Painted eggs and Easter fun!

We had such a fun Easter filled with family friend and baby chicks! We painted eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Whites. I was experimenting with above egg and threw it in a bunch of different dye. The Easter bunny took it and hid it with the kiwi. I looked in the basket even and didn't see it at all!!!

The Easter bunny hid her basket in with the boots! London wanted healthier stuff so the Easter Bunny brought a basket of fruit even with only a bit of chocolate!!

Showing off some of the goodies.

Notice that one of the eggs are missing! I was worried but we did end up finding it! That's all we needed rotten eggs.

Going through the goodies. I still haven't found my basket!

London was on a super hero egg kick! I will see if I can identify all of them. Flash

Green lantern



Basketball hero? No she just loves basketball. I love dying eggs. It is so fun and cheap or cheep

Ukrainian egg! I love using the keska's. I can't wait for Easter next year!


Steph said...

Cool eggs! I love all the bright colors.

Lisa C said...

the batman egg is super popular on our side of the computer right now!