Friday, May 20, 2011

Movin on up

Well the time has come for my little ducklings to go on their own. They have been living with the chicks on one side of the chicken coop (oh the indignity) . Now that the chicks are growing it is getting pretty crowded in there. So we moved on of the outbuilding beside the coop and we are going to build them a luxury resort with their own swimming pool

I don't know what we would do on our farm without our tractor. It has helped us many times so far! Sean is always happy to get it out! He actually has let me drive it once. It makes me nervous so I don't know how often that will happen.

The building is on skids so it just slides along! As you can see the dogs are helping yet again.

Grandpa Nelson is such a big help around the place. It is so nice having him around. He was the one who guided it in so I could take the pictures!

Once we slap on a fresh coat of paint it will be amazing!

Time for a little play time with his favorite guy.... Brigham's that is. He divided his time equally from his porch to ours. Grandpa gives lots of doggie treats so I think he is the favorite!


Stephanie said...

Haha you guys are crazy!! I don't know where you find the time for it all!

Jocelyn said...

You can do the tractor! You drive a quad like it's nothing, this is just a bit bigger. Have fun with your duck spa. When we come out feel free to put us to good use. I can put crappy clothes on and slap paint around too.