Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New family!

Here are my layers. I can't believe I didn't show a picture before. They are so funny. They get grouchy if you try and go see them at night. tWhen they are all bedded down at night they will actually growl at you. They are happy as can be otherwise. They love the grass outside and digging holes and rolling in them to dust themselves. The roost must be to high because they don't use it or the nest at all. We will one day get around to moving it. They are all in love with our big rooster Noodle.

Noodle is the white one and he is pleased as punch to have 10 hens struting for his lovin'. He struts around showing his stuff. At night they all sleep on top of him. We thought we lost him once and looked and looked outside only to pull off all the hen to find him warm and snug on the bottom of the pile. When we first got him he couldn't crow but he is now doing a fine job of it! I love having windows open and hearing him crow!

The cat is watching and wants to eat them...Brigham is close behind. He got in once but they were faster than him and the hole to safety in the building was to small for him to get in. Brigham is good to have around though as he patrols the ground all day and night and chases everything off. He doesn't miss a thing that goes around here.

He loves Noodles and wants to eat some! We have been patching places that had damage or where animals have gotten in! They are now laying 9 eggs a day. There is 10 hens so someone isn't doing there job! But I have eggs coming out of my ear! I need to get rid of some so come over and you will leave with a bunch!

This was my sick chick that I tried to nurse back to health with no luck. I brought him in the house but he didn't make it. We lost 3 in total out of 50 so I think that is pretty good! Everyone is so big you won't even believe it I will post pictures as soon as I can wade out to the coop this rain is maddening!!!


Barb said...

I always counted my chicks etc. when I took them out of the box and found that they always gave me 1 extra, because there are always a few casualties. Yes you did great!!!

Jocelyn said...


That could give you a few good ideas! Have fun. Your place is a blast