Thursday, May 12, 2011

More visiters

I love this picture of my niece Hannah! She is a talker and loves to come out and play at my house. She is such a joy to have around as she keeps us entertained. She really liked the chicks and wasn't afraid to hold them.

Ben is my Nephew he also liked to hold the chicks...well kind of he held them for a minute got his fill then was done! He is almost 12 and is so excited for his birthday weekend coming up!

This is my other Nephew Diedrich. He needed a bit more convincing to hold them. He is so funny and love love love the quads. Did I mention he loved the quads? My SIL Susanne use to raise hundreds of chicks so my 50 were nothing to her!

Following the lead of London. This is Londons favorite shot with the birds. I must have a hundred like them!

see!! How cute.

Awww.....two hot chicks!

These little chicks have had lots of love in the first few weeks.


Alex. That looks like an evil grin....I can't wait until you grow up and you can be my taco!

OH...I will save you...we won't eat you.

Suzie also cuddling the chicks

They were more interested in the feed if it is in our hands.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone loves the baby chicks....are they all coming to help on butchering day? :) lolololol Im sorry, the farm girl in me couldnt help that one, love Tammi P