Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's go fly a kite!

This is a continuation of dad's birthday party. We bought him a kite and borrowed kites from my in-laws. It was a really windy day so it was perfect for it! Our coulee funnels the wind and they flew so well! Sometimes to well and we had a hard time not ripping them apart!

I have this funny condition I looked it up once and it is real. I have a fear of kites! It is like a reversal of heights. Just looking up the kite makes me feel like I am going to get ripped off the ground and fall into the sky. I thought I might have out grown it but as soon as I felt that kite pulling on me I started to panic!

This is dad's birthday airplane! The wind was so strong once we got out to the coulee it ripped it right out of his hands. He almost got to the end of his sting. He flew it for quite a while and then passed it over to Sean.

Look how high!

My brother Darren was supervising!

I love these new fancy kites you can get. The propeller even worked! London's had a wind speed on it!

Brigham loves it when we play outside. He couldn't quite figure out how to get the kite though. It has been raining the last few days and he is so lonely with out us out playing!

Sean trying his hand at flying the kite!

Darren helping to relaunch the kite. It got so windy you couldn't really get it up and flying.

These fancy kites are a bit more difficult to fly. Sean had it doing tricks! I love not having the power lines in the way you can really get them going high!


The kite whisperer!

view from the bottom of our coulee


Stephanie said...

Fun kites!!
That is a great gift idea!

Jocelyn said...

I don't like kites either. They are so unpredictable and scare me. Never realized there was really a fear of it!