Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Fun!

This is my newest little Nephew Zeke! Isn't he sooo cute. I just think he is the nicest little guy. He was very unsure about the birds...not scared but just wondering why it was a big deal to hold this little fuzzy animal.

Mom even tried to hold it and he still wasn't too sure!

Now I think he is wondering if he squeezes it will it cheep?

Here we are checking out the damage from all the spring waters. It really did a number on our dam. It took away a lot of our dirt and eroded the banks. We found several bones down in that spot I think that is what London is after...not human phew!
A few minutes later we were walking along the creek when something was flicking down by my feet and I couldn't figure out what it was...then it became clear. We all screamed SNAKE...and went a running. I was out front so I was pushing everyone out of my way! Yuck it was cold out I had no idea Snakes would be out already! Darn...I thought we had until July!

Making a wish on one of our hundreds of branches all a round, they never did break it!

Now Ben has to try and see if he is stronger than mom! Brigham is supervising

Our first smores of the season! What is a family get together with out fire and marshmallows right? Hannah made a big mess with hers!

Even Zeke got to try

Not to sure if he likes that gooey stuff

ummmm...really doesn't know. It is kind of a weird consistency right Zeke?

The aftermath of the smore! It was a battle but she got at least half in her mouth!

Look at the darling face!

It is so nice to have family and friends over!

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Jocelyn said...

You are so kind to have so many people out to your house! Have fun on your fun family farm! EWWWWW to the snake. Hope we don't see many this year. Let Brigham know it's his job to chase them away, not the chickens!